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Owings Mills House Remodel

Complete Interior & Exterior Remodel

This was a large scale remodel which required solving several design changes desired by the homeowner.   We started with a new three car garage, which required reorienting the driveway, including a bonus space above the garage for a home office, we also expanded and enlarged the kitchen and family room, the master  bedroom and bath plus the lower level.

complete interior and exterior remodel

To stay with the continuity of the existing house we elected to add architectural elements that would flow through the interior, such as, warm tone finishes.  The continuity was created through selecting cherry, slate, ceramic tile, coffered ceilings and millwork that creates a warm and inviting   interior.  As you approach this residence, from both the exterior and interior perspectives, it is hard to distinguish between the old and the new.  It is elegant, yet comfortable and it allows for large entertaining, as well as, quiet family time.  It speaks of a multi-purpose dimension, it is durable, spacious and well defined.   This house makeover excels in the art of blending.  The lines of the old and new disappear in front of you.

After Interior & Exterior Remodel

Before & During Exterior & Interior Remodel Photos

After Interior & Exterior Remodel Photos