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Small Bathroom Remodel in Howard County

Mar 1, 2016 | Bathroom, Featured, Howard County

Small Contemporary Bathroom Shower Design

Small bathrooms need all the elements of a roomier bathroom, just in less space. Designing your small bath can be challenging, whether it’s an update of an existing one, or installing another needed bath in your present footprint of your home. Some considerations include; appearance, how it will function, the type of fixtures, type of storage area and lastly, most importantly – how much space is available.  When every inch counts, you might want to consider getting professional design help from the design staff at a local remodeler.

An example of an update for a small bathroom space is shown below.  Notice that the corner shower has a contemporary look with 22” x 76” glass doors attached to industrial type hanging roller clamps giving the bathroom a very minimalist and clean look.  The two glass panels 22” x 76” were custom made and sealed to the walls by clear silicone.

What makes this shower design, so workable, in this tiny bathroom is the 90 degree corner opening where both sliding glass doors meet.  This eliminates the swing of a door, which is impossible in this size space, and also allows for room on each side of this shower for the necessary commode and sink.

Beautiful and Functional!