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Towson Home Remodel

Baltimore County Whole House Remodel

The weather was a large factor in making this house remodel challenging.  We found that the house was located on land with many streams running underground.  Due to the heavy rains throughout the entire spring and summer, these streams were swollen causing flooding of the property during excavation.  Four individual companies were called in to help drain the property of the excess water, so construction could continue. They created water mitigation systems to control the flow and direction above and below the surface of the property.

Additionally, the homeowners wished to create retaining walls that complimented the natural environment as well as the house.  They elected to incorporate natural stone walls that thread through the project as a common denominator in tying together the landscaping with the house.

landscape with natural stone walls

Because of the year the home was built, the electrical and plumbing throughout all 4 stories had to be updated.  The heating and air conditioning system in the home was removed and 4 separate gas furnaces were installed.  It was important that the design compliment the original structure and that the architectural elements echo the history of this home.  Since the home was built in 1928, the owners wanted to keep the same look, but wanted updated windows.  Approximately, 50 windows and doors were replaced in the home to add energy efficiency and ease in maintenance and yet the exterior look of the home was not changed.  As in any 80+ year old home the house suffered from termite damage, structural fatigue, rot and checking and cupping of the exterior shingled siding, all needing to be addressed in the scope of this project.

The owner of this home grew up in the area and his dream was to one day purchase his own home in this neighborhood.  Since his family was growing it was important that the home be updated from its original 1928 construction to meet the family’s needs.
Two additions to a Towson Home

The house, 4 stories, with cedar shake siding and three different type roofs; slate, copper and rubber, is located in a very desirable and prestigious neighborhood with good schools. “Country living” was the original feel of the house and surrounding property and so the owners had some trees removed for the sake of the addition, but many were transplanted so that they could again be included in the landscape around the house securing the original reason the owners purchased the property.

The outside landscaping was changed with an asphalt drive and stone retaining walls.  The basement remodel included: laundry room, exercise room, powder room and children’s recreational room.  The first floor changes included a mud room, kitchen, family room and full bath.  All eight baths in the house have custom made cabinetry and tile.  The library, mud room, kitchen and living room have custom made cabinetry.

The second floor changes include a master suite with two master baths, his and her, with  custom made closets and dressing rooms adjacent.  There are specialty wood floors, some which are hand painted with faux finishes.  The floors were chosen and constructed to blend elevations, there are no elevation trips.

Preserving and custom making interior trims, moldings and doors were essential in creating this timeless interior.  No stock moldings were used in any casings or baseboards.  It was important to the homeowner that the home’s original appearance of, “country living” continue after the remodel.   We feel, given the entire scope of this project, that both integrating interior details and exterior elements to blend with the original house has been accomplished, maintaining the feel, comfort and look it originally had.

Before Whole House Remodel

After Whole House Remodel Photos