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We Love In Law Suite Additions (And You Should, Too!)

The Rising Need for Combining Families

We specialize in In Law Suite Additions and Expanded Family Living.  Over the past ten years we have seen a rise  for the need of combining families, as well as aging in place.

Many cultures in society have been combining resources for centuries, but the US is just getting into the game.  Baby Boomers are healthy and living longer.  In lieu of large homes they are desirous of travel and freedom, precipitating the need for smaller domiciles.  Also, when the need for care presents itself, families are preferring to combine living space with family members for their care.

On the other side, these Baby Boomers who are healthy and active  can be a great help to growing families.   They will combine living spaces to help their children with the grandchildren’s care.

The 55 and over communities have grown rapidly and there are many options to choose from.  The average cost in Maryland is just under $4000 per month.   With the rise of health care expenses and overall cost of living, pressures are placed on families to consolidate their resources.  That’s the value of two families moving together. What you see here is that it is a family unit.

Understand your family dynamic.  Identify what is your family need.   Go slowly into the water of combining families with the various temporary fixes available.

Custom two story custom home build by Owings Brothers Contracting with in-law addition in Maryland.

In Law Suite Addition

Featured In Law Suite Addition

View our Carroll County In Law Addition project that features a family who sold their homes and built a new home including a two story in-law suite addition.  The widowed father sold his home, as did his daughter and son in law, and built a new home.   The new home incorporates everything both family’s need to age-in-place.  This two-story addition to the main home is accessed through a sunroom and through a hallway on the second floor.  Check out the Carroll County In Law Suite for additional information.

Michael Owings President Owings Brothers Contracting speaks on In Law Suite Additions


Michael Owings, President Owings Brothers Contracting:  “In regards to in-law suite additions, the first thing you have to identify is – what part of the family has the need.  In today’s world, we are seeing the younger family has as much of the need as the parents who are possibly merging with the family. So it is no longer a one sided relationship. It’s not all about – hey, my parents need to move in – I need to find a room. It’s actually becoming more about – hey, we could use help – we are running around with our heads cut off with all the kid activities.  So we are starting to see the trend be a little more down the middle. It’s not only the parents, but the kids are embracing this opportunity as well.”

The Statistics For Merging Families

In Law Suite additions can add value to your home according to the Wall Street Journal, it is one of the best investments for home amenities available. The Wall Street Journal reports that 32% of respondents to a 2012 survey of 550 homeowners expect to have an aging relative live with them in the future.

If your family needs more living space, but you love your neighborhood, perhaps a home addition or in law suite is what is right for you.  We can add to the footprint by building up or out.  Owings Brothers’ 35 years experience can make it happen with excellence.  Give us a call today 410.781.7022 and check out some of our home addition projects.