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Add Elegance To Your Home With An All-Black Kitchen

Mar 15, 2022 | Kitchen

What’s the one shade that comes to mind when you think of a kitchen? If you said white, perhaps you appreciate the sense of openness, expansion, and light the color embodies – all crucial aspects for a kitchen. That is why white was nearly unrivaled as the first choice for a kitchen. Until now, that is. Kitchen design is lately trending toward a versatile hue that grants a measure of elegance, drama, and sophistication all at once: black. No longer considered to be just where we prepare food, the kitchen is increasingly becoming a center of gravity for family members and guests. So, if you’re looking for sleekness and luxury but with a touch of warmth, you cannot go wrong with black.

industrial black kitchen

Urban loft renovation with a black kitchen. See the Project Details.

Black Kitchens: How To Pull Them Off

When it comes to an all-black kitchen, the essential aspect is to honor the architecture of the space. For instance, if your area isn’t too big, but you still want to try all black, add open shelves instead of closed cabinetry to let the space breathe and not get gloomy.

The next tip is to pay attention to the details. Adding details like black sinks, matte black faucets, black ceramics, black-rimmed baskets and cutlery, lacquer cabinets, black flooring, and black granite touches can make all the difference in keeping the look consistent. But this in no way implies you need to stick to one shade. Confused? Don’t be. There are so many tones and variations of the color black that you’d be surprised. So, to make your kitchen look truly spectacular, go ahead and have fun with the shade. If you paint your cabinets one shade of black, mix it up by going darker with your walls. You can pick from jet black, gray-black, black olive, blue-black, and a variety of black hues. It’s all about streamlining, striking the right balance, and playing with depth and textures to achieve the look you want.

black kitchen cabinets

If you like the idea of an all-black kitchen, but you’re scared it will be too dark and overwhelming, you don’t have to commit to absolute black to make this work. Just add in a touch of contrast to keep it interesting. For instance, if you have an all-black cabinet, add in a stained beadboard or glass doors to create a unique contrast but in such a subtle way that it does not take away from the impact of the black tones. Pairing black cabinetry, floors, accessories, tiles, hardware with light or cream-colored walls adds some softness. Sometimes, even adding one item in a standout shade, such as jade or violet bar stools, in your black kitchen can make all the difference. Installing terracotta tiles or stone flooring can immediately lift the space and act as a unique talking point, for another example.

Another way to do this is to add pottery, crockery, and other accents that come with their own bits of character. For instance, vintage pottery, rope, wood, gold, metallic, copper, chrome accents, checkered floors, two-toned or patterned backsplashes, or granite with enough sparkle and specs can all help take the intensity of an all-black tone down a notch or two.

kitchen with black cabinets

Kitchen remodel with distressed black cabinets. See the Project Details.

Black lends itself to a variety of styles beautifully, so if you want to try a vintage theme, you can make an all-black kitchen look at once warm yet elegant. On the other hand, if you prefer a modern, contemporary motif, you can opt for a stylish chrome and black combination. You can opt for more rustic pieces that incorporate vintage elements like chandeliers and interesting artwork or crockery if you like a traditional look. Another advantage of black is that it hides a mess, such as stains and dirt.


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Sleek, chic, and versatile, an all-black kitchen can become the focal point of a home and a conversation starter in its own right. But it’s certainly not an easy shade to pull off. The proportions, hues, and materials need to be appropriately mixed and matched to make the whole space stand out while allowing it to fit in with the larger design and layout of your home. It can look too cramped, dark, gloomy, or intense if not done well. At Owings Brothers, we understand how to blend aesthetics with functionality and pull out all the stops to design a perfectly on-trend kitchen. Contact us today to see how we can help you build a dreamy all-black kitchen that packs in a serious punch of style.