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Monkton Master Bathroom Renovation

Luxurious Spa-Like Bathroom

This homeowner wanted to transform their existing Baltimore County, MD home’s master bathroom into a spa like experience that they could relax in after a long day at work. The driving factor was to keep the master bathroom renovation within the footprint of the existing house, while giving the illusion of greater space and a more updated bedroom suite.

free standing bathtub

Seamless design: two acrylic shells soldered together for a spectacular freestanding bathtub.

The owners put a high degree of detail into their plan; specifying high end fixtures and finishes throughout the master bathroom renovation.  Especially note the beautiful wood-trimmed pocket doors with beach grass enclosed between two panels of tempered glass.

The master bathroom floors were tiled from floor to ceiling using a mix of porcelain, glass and metal tile borders for interest and a stone wall located behind the tub gives the room a rustic look. Radiant floor heat was added to make the spa bath more inviting on cold Baltimore County winter nights.

before bathroom before contemporary bathroom after

Desiring both privacy and an abundance of natural light the clients chose to use frosted glass windows, giving them the best of both worlds.  We added designer lighting, that turns on and off as the owners enter or leave the area, to supplement the natural light .

High End Fixtures & Finishes

The shower is a work of engineering with rotating body sprays, rain heads, and hand held fixtures. With each fixture having its own temperature control the shower offers ultimate control and relaxation.

For the tub the clients chose the high end BainUltra Essencia Tub. This fixture is a free standing soaking tub that offers maximum comfort in 3 different positions: stretched out, seated, or relaxed. The tub features a heated backrest and forty one air jets for even more comfort.

Baltimore Contemporary Bathroom Remodel

The project wasn’t without its challenges.  There was significant structural work need to be performed to meet the design requirements and to include the high end fixtures and finishes.   Major plumbing changes and a window that had to be relocated to to name a few.  Yet our client’s desire was to maintain the original footprint of the home.     We accomplished these goals and they will tell you the result was wonderful!

This award winning project achieved its goal. The homeowner is enjoying a spa-like retreat in their new master suite. The transformation of this master bath is amazing, with the inclusion of state of the art fixtures. The homeowner couldn’t be happier!

Thank you for the great overall job that you have done to make my dream design come to life. You have gone far and beyond in your work and flexibility in dealing with the design and myself. All the individuals that came to my home were very respectful and always careful to clean up prior to leaving.John M.

This Monkton master bathroom renovation was very cost effective in respect to the homeowner’s Baltimore County neighborhood. The renovation significantly increased resale value in an area where home buyers are increasingly expecting high end bathrooms like this one.

We are proud to announce that the project was recognized by the Maryland Building Industry Association and presented with an Award of Excellence.

Photos From this Baltimore County Renovation