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Benefits of Adding a Backyard Porch or Deck

Mar 30, 2022 | Outdoor Living

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Many homeowners depend on outdoor spaces to provide the essential link between the outside and inside worlds. These areas became our little sanctuaries over the last few years in particular. We turned them into dining areas, study spaces, mini-vacation spots, and even spontaneous camping grounds. A backyard porch or deck performs an important task — it offers the option for a therapeutic space to gather and build new memories as a family without actually leaving your backyard.

Advantages of a Backyard Porch or Deck

Today’s backyard porches and decks come packed with personality and character. Homeowners can use these spaces for years to come.

outdoor living area Installing a proper, well-designed backyard porch or deck can have multiple advantages. These structures provide additional space that you can use for just about anything. Possibilities include an extra room for a study, living room, or dining room, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and a beautiful view. Additionally, consider the likelihood that a backyard porch or deck will increase the value of your home, enhancing a potential resale some years down the road.

Consider your options to enjoy your outdoor space and give free rein to your creativity. Install whatever you are looking at using the place for, from a hot tub to a state-of-the-art grill or a lounge set. The idea is to make your home’s outdoor living areas as inviting and functional as your indoor rooms.

While constructing or installing a backyard porch or deck, you need to review a few details, including the topography, style, view, and of course, the cost of materials and labor, along with a detailed site evaluation. You will want to properly integrate your deck or porch with the rest of your house, ensuring you enjoy the look and feel while keeping safety and resale considerations in mind.

Once you have these details fixed, it’s time to check other aspects that are easy to overlook in the excitement of drawing up this additional space. For instance, you need to pick your deck flooring carefully and use options that can handle any piece of furniture while remaining comfortable and inviting. Lighting is another essential feature. You won’t only be using your deck during the day, so you must get lighting that can hold up to wind and water and where the installation won’t take away from your square footage.

Privacy is another critical factor. Generally speaking, backyard porches are more relaxed and informal than front-facing porches. However, it’s still important to protect both from the elements and unwanted eyes peering in. You can add privacy panels made of lattice that double up as a handy surface for attaching storage options like shelves and hooks.

As far as materials go, are you in the market for an actual wooden deck like pine, or would synthetic lumber, a composite material made of wood and plastic, be preferable? Both have their pros and cons, so it’s always a good idea to discuss your concerns with your contractor, who would then be able to advise you on the better option.

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Installing a backyard porch or deck can be socially and financially rewarding. With space at a premium in our modern-day lives, additional square footage is always welcome. But it is an investment and, like all home decisions, requires careful thought combined with the right team of experts.

At Owings Brothers, we are equipped to look at the larger picture. We align your vision with the layout and design of your original structure, keeping your area’s building codes and regulations and your budget in mind. The result is an aesthetic, safe, and protected structure, and one the whole family can enjoy in comfort.

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