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Congratulations Owings Brothers

Dec 27, 2018 | Awards & News

Company Award Winners

Owings Brothers and Owings Home Services credit their success to their associates who work with dedication, loyalty, and skill. The Owings team has proven themselves to be the best in the industry, not only in skilled craftsmanship but also in customer service.  The following employees have longevity with Owings Brothers Contracting for as long as 34 years.  We appreciate them and wanted to share their accomplishments with our customers and community.

Joseph Smith, Loretta Raimondo, Michael Owings

Loretta Raimondo is truly a core component of the Owings Companies.  For over thirty-four years she has managed the finances and accounting for the company.  Owings Brothers Contracting was established in 1983, so Loretta has been with the company almost since its inception.  Working closely with the Owings brothers she has been a one-woman office up until nineteen years ago.  Her primary duties are as an office manager and comptroller, but with such a long tenure she is an integral part of just about every facet of the organization.  Loretta’s experience has offered the Owings Companies solid and consistent management for over three decades.  She is appreciated and respected by all!

Other notable associates with a long tenure at the Owings Companies are Stephen Gray and Susan Hawkins.  Both employees have been with the companies for nineteen years.  The longevity of the Owings team ensures clients the same exemplary service that the Owings Companies strives to offer with the goal to make Raving Fans!

Stephen Gray is one of the Production Supervisors for Owings Brothers and has over 35 years of home remodeling & building experience.  His ability to troubleshoot any building problem and his keen eye for quality construction makes him a great asset to the team.  He has been training up associates to the Owings way for almost two decades and plans to retire with the company.

Susan Hawkins wears several hats for the Owings Companies.  Hired as a Marketing Director almost twenty years ago, she has fulfilled the job description of gatekeeper, contract specialist, human resources and marketing director.  She believes in the values that the Owings family have been proponents of for their years in business and works hard at keeping the community apprised of their many accomplishments, as well as, finished projects completed by the company.

Owings Brothers Contracting and Owings Home Services offer their employees many benefits and a culture of belonging.  When you work for the Owings Companies you become apart of the family and can be assured that they will stand with you as you journey through your career in home remodeling and building.

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