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Contemporary Balcony

Cable Rail Deck in the Woods

This modern cable rail deck enhances the contemporary look of this 1960’s Lutherville home in the woods owned by architects, Laurie & Peter Stubb.

Built on the side of a hill, the home is surrounded by lush forest giving the feel of being in a tree house.  The living and dining room open up with sliding doors to a balcony that runs 45 feet long, which is the entire length of the house.  The balcony built by Owings Brothers overlooks the terraced yard and an area created to play a game of pétanque, a French ball-toss game similar to Bocce Ball.

Owings was called in to create this new balcony to the homeowners architectural design. The new design included adding 1.5 feet to the original 5 foot width and also adding metal cable rails,  giving it a very contemporary look.  The expansion of this deck offers the family a more usable space with room for a table and chairs and the ability to enjoy a family meal while taking in the naturally forested landscape.


Baltimore Magazine featured this project in their July 2017 issue,“A Natural Oasis”