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Contemporary Design

Open Floor Plan

A contemporary design updated this late 60s rancher completely changing the look and feel.  This home located in a wooded setting in an established neighborhood was the backdrop for our home renovation.  The family desired to stay in the same town but wanted to update an older home set in the beauty that can only be had with years in an established landscape. The home has a built-in pool which was the deal-breaker for our homeowner.

First things first, the couple chose to remodel the first-floor living space by removing walls that sectioned off the dining, kitchen and living area and created an open floor plan. Enjoying entertaining family and friends was the catalyst to open things up and allow room for more people.  The new pool was a motivator for guests to visit often.  See the difference in the before and after:

Contemporary Kitchen Design

The kitchen was the next room to update in a contemporary design. Now that the wall between the living room and kitchen was removed space seemed larger.  With an open concept, those relaxing in the living area could converse with the cook.  A large island was built in this open kitchen concept also allowing guests and family to gather around and help in meal prep.  Choosing a contemporary cabinet line in light colors and updating the flooring in both rooms to hardwood gave a continuity that causes the eye to take in both spaces at once.

Contemporary Bathroom Design

The next most important rooms in the home to update were the bathrooms.  Most homeowners place this most used room as a top priority before or after the kitchen.  Since you spend time each day in your bathroom it not only needs to be functional but attractive.  At the start of every day, your bathroom welcomes you.  Each evening prior to retiring you finish your day in that same space.  Considering how often you utilize the bathroom in your home, making that experience a pleasant one is important.  Take a look at the before and after photos below to see how this homeowner created beautiful, enjoyable contemporary bathrooms soliciting Owings Design Team for help with layout and selections.