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What is the Rising Spathroom Design Trend?

Feb 12, 2024 | Bathroom

In recent years, a new trend has emerged in home design, especially in bathrooms: the “Spathroom”. Spathrooms combine a spa and a bathroom, creating a luxurious and serene space that offers more than just functionality. At Owings Brothers, we’re always keen to explore innovative design trends, and the Spathroom concept has certainly caught our attention. Let’s dive into what makes a Spathroom and how to incorporate this relaxing vibe into your home.

The Essence of a Spathroom

A Spathroom fuses the practicality of a bathroom with the indulgent comfort of a spa. This trend is about creating a personal sanctuary that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation. It incorporates elements traditionally found in spas, such as soothing color schemes, natural materials, and pampering features, into the bathroom setting.


Owings Brothers overhauled this home’s master bath to a new and much-improved spa retreat. See Project Details.

Soothing Color Schemes

One of the critical features of a Spathroom is its color palette. Soft, neutral colors like whites, beiges, and light grays dominate, creating a calm and soothing atmosphere. These colors make the space feel more open and airy and promote a sense of tranquility and peace.

Natural Materials and Textures

The use of natural materials is another hallmark of the Spathroom trend. Wood, stone, and bamboo add warmth and texture to the space. These elements bring a touch of nature indoors, contributing to the overall feeling of serenity. Think wooden bathmats, stone vessel sinks, or bamboo towel racks.

Spa-like Features

To truly capture the essence of a spa, Spathrooms include features that offer a luxurious and pampering experience. Freestanding soaking tubs, rainfall showerheads, and heated floors are just a few examples of how homeowners can transform a bathroom into a spa-like retreat. These features add a touch of luxury and provide therapeutic benefits.

Creating Your Spathroom

Focus on Comfort and Relaxation

When designing a Spathroom, comfort, and relaxation should be your top priorities. Plush towels, cozy bathrobes, and comfortable seating areas can make a significant difference. Consider adding a chaise lounge or a small armchair where you can relax before or after your bath.


This bathroom incorporates a custom upholstered window seat to enjoy the spa-like experience. See Project Details.

Ambient Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the right mood. Opt. for soft, ambient lighting to create a relaxing and soothing environment. Dimmer switches can be a great addition, allowing you to adjust the lighting to your preference. Candles can also add to the ambiance, providing light and a calming aroma.

Incorporating Plants

Plants can bring life to your Spathroom, adding color and freshness. They not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also improve air quality. Choose plants that thrive in humid environments, such as ferns or bamboo.

Focus on Sensory Experiences

To mimic the spa experience, focus on the sensory aspects of the space. Aromatherapy, using essential oils or scented candles, can help create a relaxing atmosphere. Soft music or the sound of running water can also add to the sensory experience.

The Benefits of a Spathroom

Having a Spathroom in your home offers numerous benefits. It provides a private retreat where you can unwind and de-stress. It’s a place where you can indulge in self-care routines away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Additionally, a well-designed Spathroom can add significant value to your home.

Final Thoughts on Spathrooms

The Spathroom design trend is about creating a space that nurtures relaxation and well-being. By blending the functional aspects of a bathroom with the luxurious elements of a spa, you can create a personal haven that rejuvenates both the body and the mind.

At Owings Brothers, we believe in the power of design to enhance your unique lifestyle, and the Spathroom is a perfect example of this philosophy. We’re always here to help bring your dream Spathroom to life, combining our expertise with your vision to create a space that’s uniquely yours. Contact us to start a conversation today.