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Converting Your Garage Into a Living Space

May 25, 2022 | Garage, Interior Remodeling

second story addition over garage

Do you feel that space is at a premium constantly? This refrain is far more common than you could imagine for interiors. But what if we told you that there was a space you could use to create an additional living area by turning it into a bedroom, playroom, dining room, home office, extended kitchen, game room, or just about anything you want? And the best part is that you don’t have to build up or build-out but can use what already exists. We are talking about remodeling your garage. Not many of us realize this area’s potential, especially if you don’t use it to house your vehicle but keep it around more like a glorified storeroom. You might want to look at our ideas to turn this into a truly unique space that can add to the real estate value of your home and give you more space: a commodity that is so precious in interiors.

How to Make a Garage Livable

Converting your garage is much more affordable than building an addition, as the foundation is already in place. But you do need to consider how the remodeling will affect the resale value and the architecture of your home. As tedious as paperwork can be, there’s no denying it’s crucial, so make sure you thoroughly look into your area’s local codes, zoning rules, and regulations and see what permits are needed. It’s also essential to work closely with your contractor to ensure that your remodeled garage fits in beautifully and even mirrors or complements your home’s architecture. Whether it is an attached or detached garage will make a difference in how you go about the project, and each has its own set of considerations.


Then the next step is to decide what you want the garage’s purpose to be. Will you need to turn it back into a garage later? Consider that possibility. You might also like the garage to be a more fluid multi-use space rather than a fixed remodeled room. If so, communicate this to your contractor, so they can design an option that allows for flexibility.

Check that your structure and foundation are solid, which becomes even more vital if you’re planning to add a room above your garage. Once you decide what you want to use the space for, you can start enhancing the basics. Add the correct windows and doors; change the concrete flooring to make it insulated, warmer and resilient; add non-load bearing walls; and check that the existing ceilings, walls, and foundation are in good shape for what you have in mind.

Insulation, plumbing, electricity, and air conditioning are other areas you need to pay attention to while remodeling to increase the comfort factor of the space. Garages have unique traits compared to other remodeling projects; each aspect requires some strategizing. For example, all garages have a degree of slope to allow for water runoff. When changing your flooring, including raising it to adjust for the slope, you might want to add pressure-treated wood to protect your flooring from the concrete below.


Another possibility you might have to deal with is the placement of pipes and wires that obstruct the installation of smooth walls. Or your walls might not be level with the foundation they sit on. It is helpful to have someone with expertise to account for and navigate potential hang-ups. Don’t forget the garage entrance, which you can enhance by landscaping the area in front. Your garage’s assigned purpose will help guide every selection, from the lighting to the materials used to the textures and colors in the interior. As long as it has your stamp of creativity, the area will look inviting and warm after the remodeling.

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By converting your garage into a living area, you have somewhere new to go to, which can be a real treat when you run out of space and the family room suddenly seems too small. Garage remodeling is a complex project; to do it well, you want experts who can help you bring your vision to life while avoiding pitfalls. After all, it’s both a real estate and lifestyle investment. Contact us to see how we at Owings Brothers can unlock your garage’s full potential and reclaim this square footage as the perfect living area for you and your family.