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Floating Staircase Cost & Design Ideas

Oct 24, 2018 | Featured, Specialty Projects

Floating stairs after remodel

Floating Staircase Cost

Floating stairs have become more popular in recent days especially since the choice for contemporary style is on the increase by homeowners.  Choosing a modern floating stair in your interior design lends itself to an open and spacious look and compliments the minimalistic contemporary style.  One question that arises is what is the cost for this creative staircase versus the traditional stairs?

When considering floating stairs the engineering is just as important as the materials selected to build it.  The reason is that the floating stringer, which gives the floating effect, must be of superior strength, yet minimal support.  Because of the minimal support the stringer must be well-engineered to be sure of safety and longevity.  Stair manufacturers will custom weld stairs so the stringers are more solid and stable which adds value and makes the floating stairs a good investment.

Engineering is of the utmost importance since the stair is using a smaller structure for its support, therefore, they are greater in cost versus a traditional stair.  Floating stairs can be built with a mono stringer design or a double stringer design.  The mono stringer design is higher in cost because the engineering that is needed to create a stringer that is durable enough to support what two stringers can provide is greater.  So you can be assured should you choose a mono stringer floating stair that your stair will withstand use and be long-lasting.

A rough estimate for the cost of building a floating stair inside your home is between $5,000 to $25,000 for a double stringer staircase.  You can consider 40% more for building a mono stringer staircase.  With this said, there are various other factors in estimating cost such as; overall structure size, the number of steps, what material will be chosen to build the steps, will you use a hand railing and what type, will there be any platforms?  Once you have designed your staircase a contractor can better advise the total cost for this functional but impressive element in your home remodel or custom home build.  The most determining factors for cost is the quality and customization of the engineering.

Floating Staircase Design Ideas

A floating staircase is an architectural showpiece and is perfect for a minimalistic, open-air environment with a contemporary style.  The spacious look is applicable in various settings both outdoor and indoor.  Floating stairs are not spacing restrictive because they can be designed in a limitless number of ways. By giving an open-air feel and allow much more light into your space they are wonderful to incorporate into rooms with large windows or openings inviting sunlight to permeate more of your overall living space.  A traditional staircase can block the view to the other side and visually closes the space from one room to another.

If you desire to add more space to your floor plan you can remove a wall and traditional stair and incorporate the floating stair just about anywhere.  The added space allows for extra storage or a place for additional furniture or artwork because floating stairs do not require the support of a near wall or any added form of support underneath.  The options for the design of your floating stairs is greater than a traditional staircase allowing you to choose glass floating stairs, wood floating stairs or metal floating stairs to name a few.  You can also configure your stair to have several flights separated by landing platforms.  The platforms can also allow for the various number of directions for each flight.  Since you can choose the direction for each flight to run or rise a well-engineered floating staircase can fit into the tightest of spaces even ones with unusual dimensions.

Floating stairs are versatile and can be an expression of your own unique taste and creativity.  Incorporating them into your home design offers a complement to the atmosphere and a grand look and great way to impress your guests.

Take a look at this contemporary floating staircase with glass and with wood steps and an added bonus of a slide to the lower level for the children!  Want to see more of this project?

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