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Outdoor Living Space

Expand Your Living Space

Outdoor living has become even more popular as people are staying close to home in lieu of traveling and also working from home.  To create more inspiration homeowners are expanding their outdoor living space.  Do you have a knock-out landscaped backyard?  You can enjoy the outdoors even more by visually incorporating the beauty of nature within the interior of your home.  This homeowner chose to expand their family room to their patio and pool with folding glass walls.  Take a look at how the beautiful surrounding property has now invaded their open living concept.

There is a particular story behind this homeowner’s remodeling decision.  They built their home in 2019 but the builder made a few structural errors that could have caused a great collapse of a portion of the home.  When the client realized the danger they contacted us for advice.  The end result was to choose to restructure a new family room ceiling and porch including an inside/outside fireplace.  This was a great undertaking but the silver lining is this beautiful fireplace and opening the indoor living area to the porch and pool outdoor living space.

Folding Glass Walls

Would you enjoy letting the beauty of your landscaped backyard into your family’s living space?  You can do so with folding glass walls or what one manufacturer calls Nana Doors.  These amazing moving glass walls can allow light all year long and when the weather allows moving the walls out of the way completely!  This concept expands your home’s living space exponentially and can create an atmosphere that only nature can provide.  Also, the possibilities for entertaining are amazing.  You can host a much larger gathering of friends, family, or business associates with the ability to create an open wall concept.

Check our post  Ellicott City Nana Wall Remodel showcasing these moving glass walls.

Correcting Home Structural Issues

A structural engineer was called in to review the home’s structure and offer their professional advice.  As a Design & Build Contractor we provide professional services for all building and remodeling needs as well as architectural and interior design.  The engineer discovered that the framing contractor who built this home had inappropriately weighed down on the masonry fireplace and did not have adequate ceiling ties to maintain structural integrity.  To solve this problem the masonry fireplace needed to come down without disturbing the outside open porch.  New structural ties in the open ceiling need to be constructed.  We completed the project with box beam covers to hide the new structural work.  Also needed was steel reinforcement on exterior walls.  We had to reconstruct the open porch gable end to match the interior beam style.   All this was done while maintaining the homeowner’s interior finishes.  Since the fireplace needed to be reconstructed inside and out, the clients chose to upgrade both to a rustic, full-dimensional, gray quarry stone.  A happy ending was the conclusion for our customers and a beautiful family living space inside and out

Do you have a beautifully landscaped property or a rustic woodsy backyard?  Would you like to have a new porch or covered patio added to your family’s gathering space?  Call us today and let us design for you the perfect addition to your home.  Building and remodeling for over thirty-eight years give us the expertise needed to tackle any home construction need.