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Historic Cabin Renovation

Glyndon Summer Cottage

Emory Grove Camp is a 150 year old Methodist Camp turned residential summer retreat. This historic camp, dating back to 1867,  has been hosting church services every Sunday from April through October for various religious denominations since its inception.  Originally, the family camp also offered week long revival services through the summer months in it’s open air tabernacle.  Organ or piano music could be heard from every corner of the camp calling campers to join in the worship of God.  Even the children had their own tabernacle for gathering the youngest campers for religious teaching.

Presently, the residents of Emory Grove enjoy the same peaceful and serene environment that their ancestors enjoyed, but with some important updates, like running water and indoor plumbing.  The cabins/cottages do not have central heat or air, which requires inhabitants to vacate the property from November through March when the water for the homes is shut off by the caretaker of the grounds.  The cottages are very much in keeping with historic requirements and do not boast luxury accommodations. The historic hotel with wrap around porch is no longer used for weekend vacationers, but is a place for residents to gather for community teas, blueberry bake offs and chicken dinners.

Our customer is a new homeowner at Emory Grove.  Her year round home is in Baltimore City and she enjoys the quiet and beauty of Emory Grove as a get-away summer home.  The simplicity of life at the Grove draws many from the stressful life in the urban areas around Glyndon.  Our homeowner desired to update her cottage to make it more efficient for her lifestyle, yet keep with the style of the camp and other cabins.  Take a look at the before and afters below and the vintage photos.   Close your eyes, step into the past and imagine a simpler life.

After Cabin Remodel

Before Cabin Remodel

Vintage Emory Grove Camp