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Make a Great First Impression with These Entrance Hall Interior Design Tips

May 26, 2021 | Interior Remodeling

Unusual double entry door with modern twist

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” It turns out this saying is true for your home as well! The often-forgotten entrance hall has a big impact on how you and others see your home. This space is the ideal place to set the tone for the rest of your house. Still, homeowners often struggle to find a way to make the front hall stylish and functional. To make blending form and function easier, we’re sharing our top tips for your entrance hall’s interior design.

Modern Entrance Hall Ideas

Front hall, entrance hall, foyer. No matter what you call the first space people see when they enter your home, you should think of it like the first chapter of a book or the first episode of a television series. It’s a quick peek at what you’ll see in the rest of the house. In other words: make it stand out.

If you’re after a modern look, try centering your space around your favorite work of art. A large abstract piece pairs well with a Scandinavian-style sideboard with straight lines and clean lines. Keep the top of the sideboard clean, so the focus remains on your art piece. A brass picture light placed over the art will help bring in some illumination into the space.

Speaking of light, take a stock of your fixtures. Instead of a traditional chandelier, try an understated brass six-light fixture with clear globes. You may want to install it on a dimmer for greater control.

1960s look front door in turquoise with 5 small windows

Modern front entry with artwork. See more front entry projects by Owings Brothers.

Small Front Entrance Design Ideas

Of course, there is a practical purpose to your entrance hall. In a smaller front hall, making use of this space’s function while maintaining its style takes a few more careful interior design choices. Multi-purpose pieces are ideal!

First, make a list of what you use your foyer for. Maybe it’s hanging coats, storing shoes, setting down the mail, or putting aside your umbrella. Then, look for clever ways to meet these needs, such as a decorative umbrella stand or armoire to hold coats and shoes. Try a bench with hidden storage to tuck away daily objects. A mirror with hooks can help make your space look bigger while organizing items.

Tiered cabinets with baskets are also useful. You can use each shelf to display your favorite pieces such as small works of art, sculptures, books, or even potted plants. Drop shoes, keys, or newspapers into the baskets to keep the space uncluttered.

You can’t forget the exterior of your front entryway, either. Updating this area is essential to enhancing your curb appeal. The most impactful front entryways use paint color, front door remodeling, lighting, and landscape for a cohesive look. For more ideas on how to refresh your front entryway, check out our curated list of best practices.

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