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Front Door Styles

Aug 16, 2019 | Specialty Projects

Old world front entry with plack painted hinges and two sidelights

Front Door First Impression

What does your front door say about your family?  The cliche “Put Your Best Foot Forward” can be true for your home too.  We know how impactful first impressions can be and a visitors’ first impression of your home is the entry door.  What does yours reveal?  Does it feel welcoming and inspire excitement as to what they will experience inside?  You can easily and affordably change the first impression people have of your home just by changing your door!

In today’s building market the choices for doors are innumerable.  Manufactured in many products those made of wood, metal and fiberglass are the most popular. Front doors provide three important benefits; visual appeal, security, and insulation to a home.  Keeping these aspects in mind when purchasing can help in deciding which material is best for your home.  We will offer some information regarding each type of material in this post.

Door Material Comparison

Fiberglass types are made from composite materials. They are strong, secure like steel doors and require little maintenance.  Created with finishes that can be vibrant in color and look like wood they are a wonderful choice and unlike wood they don’t warp.  Fiberglass is more energy-efficient than wood and can be stained or painted. The only disadvantage is their susceptibility to fading.  Fiberglass doors can be expensive and comparable to luxury wood types in cost.

Wood has been traditionally chosen for centuries.  There are so many different types of wood from which to choose and can be customized to fit any entry.  They can be painted any color or stained to bring out the beauty of the wood.  A wood-veneer solid core door has the best insulation properties and they tend to warp less.  The greatest disadvantage of this material is the need for regular maintenance such as repainting and restaining.

Steel insulated can be very energy-efficient, offer high security and be the most durable for your home.  Paintable similar to fiberglass and wood they do not offer as many options in style nor can be easily customized. Steel doors do not warp like wood but can rust and dent which can be a big disadvantage.  The positive regarding steel doors is they are the least expensive of the three.

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