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Italian Piazza in Arnold

Owings Bros/Finniss Residence

Utilizing the existing hardscpape around the pool area and integrating it with the new structure required careful selection of materials so that the new and old blended aesthetically. The significant elevation change from the kitchen and new deck to the pool deck was a challenge and required varying levels of decking and patio, so as not to create a steep incline and produce a flow from the kitchen to pool that was pleasant and easy to traverse. The numerous arches and wrought iron that was incorporated in the under deck space also brought about many challenges.

Owings Bros/Finniss Frsience

Considering the homeowner had a pool without an easy direct way to access it, the new decking and additional outdoor space supplied by the under deck piazza has increased the desirability of the property. Utilizing the present pool hardscape in the plans for the additional outdoor area was cost effective for the homeowner.

Before and After Photos