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Kitchen Remodeling – Sinks and Faucets

Sinks and Faucets – So Many Choices

Sinks and faucets are important plumbing fixtures found in every kitchen.  Some kitchen designs require more than one. Your family usage is the key to selecting these necessary and functional items for your kitchen remodel.  The topics we will cover in this post include style, product material and finish for sinks and faucets so you can make an educated decision on which will meet your family’s needs and mesh with the decor of your new kitchen.


Sink choices include under-mount, drop-in and apron sinks.  The difference between these various sinks is the installation method.  The under-mount style is easier for clean-up than the drop-in.  The drop-in sink style has a rim that sits on top of the counter, which can require more maintenance.  Lastly, the apron or farm sink sits upon the cabinet and under the countertop.  The front of the sink is visible and clean up is fairly easy since there isn’t a rim atop the counter.  The under-mount sink has been a popular choice for years, but the apron or farm sink is gaining momentum.

After deciding the style for your kitchen sink, you will next choose the product material.  There are several materials available some include; stainless steel, enamel coated cast iron and composite.  There are pros and cons to each, but one of the most popular has been stainless steel.  This sink can handle tough usage and ages gracefully.  The lower the gauge stainless the better the quality.  The enamel coated sinks are very pretty and can come in a variety of colors, but can show scratches and wear over time.  Composite materials are great for easy clean up since the sink is an integral part of the countertop.  To prevent damage, refrain from placing hot pots into the sink.  You can maintain their beauty by buffing out scratches and chipping.

If you desire more information regarding the type of sink that would work best for your kitchen style or household usage consult one of our designers and they can walk you through the entire kitchen design process.


Two popular sink faucets on the market today are the single lever and the two handled styles. Also, you may choose spigots that pull down or can be of a high and low arc variety.  The single lever design takes up less space and many have a pullout spigot streamlining the area needed for installation.  The only advantage the two handles has over the single lever is more precise temperature control.  A relatively new design for faucets is the hands-free style which can be helpful for convenience and cleanliness.  The faucet design activates water through a sensor by movement.  Another specialty faucet is the pot-filler faucet.  This faucet is mounted directly through the wall and usually behind the stove and prevents the need for hauling heavy pots filled with water from sink to stove.

Several finishes are available for your kitchen faucet.  Some of the more popular choices are chrome, oil rubbed bronze, polished and brushed nickel.  Faucets can complement the look of your kitchen and should be chosen carefully.  The type of cabinet hardware can also factor into the decision for the finish for your faucet.  Is your kitchen transitional or contemporary, perhaps traditional?  Do you want a sleek, futuristic look or an antique look.  The oil-rubbed bronze is a favorite for many traditional or farmhouse kitchens.

Other Accessories

Another plumbing option to consider is the sprayer and whether to use a sink grid or do you need an additional sink, such as a bar sink?  These can be very helpful for washing fruits and vegetables and also if you have more than one cook in the kitchen at the same time. They are often small and are installed into a wet bar or island.  Discuss with your kitchen designer whether you have room for this additional sink.  If so, there are many styles and shapes available.

Each component for your kitchen remodel adds another element of design and function.  While it can seem overwhelming to make all of the choices, it can also be a time for expressing your unique taste and style.  Your contractor can connect you to vendors to help with the process and professional designers can bring great clarity and aid to the design and selections.