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Transform Your Porch with These Ceiling Ideas

Is there any place more relaxing at home than your outdoor porch? Whether you choose to curl up with a good book in your favorite rocking chair or just lean back and take in the view, your porch should serve as a little oasis for you and your family.

When designing or updating your porch, the ceiling might seem like an afterthought. However, this aspect of your porch can make a major impact on its overall appearance. Here are some styles to consider as you plan to make your outdoor porch your happy place:

Outdoor Porch Ceiling Ideas

Don’t settle for ho-hum when choosing your porch ceiling. Each of the styles below brings its own sense of charm.

Vaulted Ceilings

If you want to give your outdoor patio a bit of flair and make it appear larger (and brighter), consider a vaulted ceiling. This style is popular for screened porches and warmer climates. You can add skylights to the ceiling to take advantage of all the light it lets in.

Coffered Ceilings

Coffered ceilings definitely bring a sense of luxury to your outdoor patio! The grids add visual interest and dimension. You can add recessed lighting and ceiling fans for extra comfort. The materials you select for this ceiling will depend on your budget and environment. Wood adds value and long-term durability in the right environment. Manufactured wood often offers cost-savings and is more durable in areas with lots of fluctuations in temperature.

Inexpensive Porch Ceiling Ideas

Porch ceilings don’t have to be expensive to make an impact. The following styles can provide the right look at the right price.

Drop Ceilings

Drop ceilings are a popular option for homeowners with traditional tastes. They are often made of beadboard, which has a classic appearance. For a rustic look, simply stain the beadboard to your desired shade. You can also paint the beadboard to match your exterior or use a pop of color for interest.

You can find beadboard made in a variety of materials. While wood is a popular option, you may want to also look at engineered wood (as long as it is water-resistant) and vinyl. Vinyl ceilings usually require less upkeep and maintenance as it is more durable against moisture.


Open Ceilings

For a true cozy cabin feel, take a look at open ceilings. The exposed rafters and beams can make you feel you’re in a lodge, rather than your own backyard. Depending on the material used, this style of ceiling can save you some costs as there is no need to screen in the porch or paint the ceiling.

Before you get started on your exterior porch ceiling, make sure the materials and style suit your home so you can enjoy it for years to come. At Owings Brothers Contracting, we’ve helped countless homeowners design and build the porch that meets their needs, tastes, and budget. For a free consultation on your project, reach out to us today.