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Front Porch Remodel Ideas

Questions to consider for a front porch remodel?

Answering the following questions can help with ideas for your front porch remodel that best fit your need.  As you plan your remodel evaluate the desired use for your family.  These answers will allow your newly remodeled porch to provide the greatest complement to your lifestyle and prevent the need to make changes after the fact.

How do you want to utilize your porch?

The length and width of your porch are determined by this answer.  A porch for your personal coffee in the morning with a table and two chairs will have different size requirements than one used for entertaining guests.  If you have the room, increase your living space and the area for entertaining by creating a dining area and separate sitting area. Make certain to include room for circulation.   All-weather furniture and an area rug provide a cozy and inviting area for friends and family to enjoy catching up.  Also, by including a separate dining area with a table and comfortable cushioned chairs a shared meal can be unforgettable as your guests enjoy the beauty of nature around them.

When do you want to use your porch?

Each area of the country has its own unique climate, so your front porch remodel will be dependent on your particular region.  Do you wish to make your porch usable three or four seasons out of the year?  Some things to consider are a fireplace, ceiling fan, and screens as a few options.  For more info on fireplaces for your outdoor living go here.

Will your front porch be open?

An open plan for your front porch would include choosing the perfect front door.  Curb appeal for your home can be enhanced by adding a front porch and by choosing the right entry door.  The design and materials chosen will also impact the way your home looks to visitors and can provide a welcoming atmosphere.  An open front porch can still provide a comfortable area for seating if you desire to enjoy a quiet place for relaxing.
Choosing to screen-in your front porch will enable more protection from the elements and especially bothersome insects.  This type of front porch also provides a more private area for family and friends to congregate.  Creating an appealing design for a screened-in porch to be built on the front of the home is critical, since this is the very first impression of your home for visitors.

With or without a roof?

A front porch with a roof is very convenient for entering your home during inclement weather.  The roof offers a protective covering for you as you unlock your door and carry in packages.  You can greet your guests leisurely by providing a haven from the weather.  A front porch with a roof will also provide shade to the front rooms in your home which can keep furniture from fading quickly and reduce air conditioning costs in the warmer weather or in regions where the weather is hot most of the time.
A front porch remodel without a roof can do the opposite by allowing sunlight into the front rooms of the house especially in a more wooded landscape.  Homeowners with houses situated on a forested lot may desire more natural light on the interior of the home and a covered porch would not be the best choice.  Having a porch open to the sky can be a wonderful way to star gaze in the evening and sun bathe during the day.  Each has its pros and cons and is a personal preference for each homeowner.
A front porch can impact the curb appeal of your home.  Go here for more information."Front Entry Remodel - Impact Your Home"
Barrel roof front porch remodel Barrel roof front porch remodel

Front Porch Remodel Cost

The cost to upgrade an existing porch or add a new one varies because similar to houses no two are the same.  The size and design are factors that affect cost in building a porch as does the region where you live.  Selections in material and extras can impact the cost as well and these extras can include architectural details, hardware, lighting, and a fireplace.
Choosing a concrete slab front porch can keep the cost down whereas a large maintenance-free custom built porch will increase the price.  Remember front porch design cost should be factored into your budget when planning.

Porch Remodel Before and After

split foyer receives a new covered front porch and entry door split foyer receives a new covered front porch and entry door