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The Pros and Cons of Converting a Garage to a Living Space

Dec 21, 2022 | Garage, Interior Remodeling

What is one to do when space is hard to come by? Moving homes can be impractical, especially given the frequency at which most families need to upgrade their space options. One ingenious solution is to extract livable square footage from an area that already exists (but one that might not come to mind immediately): your garage. If you do not use your garage to house a vehicle and it has just turned into a disorganized storage room, why not convert it into an area that offers you more living space? Whether you need an extra bedroom, a family room, a game room, a work-from-home office, or even an extended kitchen, the possibilities are limitless. Yet, as with anything, this decision has pros and cons. Before you move forward with a garage conversion, consider these ideas.

The Pros and Cons of a Garage Conversion

Here are both the advantages and disadvantages of converting your garage.

Pro: You get more space in your home’s existing footprint, which usually means not needing an entirely new foundation. Most homeowners use their garage as a storage room. Why not make it something more?

Con: Will you need a garage sometime down the line? Converting it may be a problem if the answer is “yes”. You might want another vehicle later as your family grows. You may want to sell the house, and some buyers expect a garage for their vehicles, particularly in colder climates. Even if you have adequate outdoor parking space, some homeowners do not want to park their cars outside due to exposure to the elements.


Pro: This seems like a contradiction to the above point, but a garage conversion could also increase the value of your home. Potential buyers may not be concerned with a garage but would love the extra square footage that a converted garage offers; this will be a plus point in your negotiation.

Con: If you fail to work with an experienced contractor, the garage conversion has the potential to look like a separate part of your home. Working with a team who will ensure you avoid visual disparity between the old and new structures is essential.


Pro: You’re not losing your valuable outdoor space by “building out” when you convert your garage. You get the best of both worlds, extra indoor space while keeping your outdoor space.

Con: You might need another storage spot if your garage contains all your extra odds and ends.


Pro: In the case of a detached garage, the fact that your garage is separate from your home means less disruption to your daily life while the construction work is underway.

Con: Garage floors can often be sloped and need repair or replacement. Additionally, they can be underbuilt and could require structural reinforcement.


Follow These 3 Tips When Considering A Garage Conversion

Now that you have the pros and cons to mull over let us also add some tips that will help make your decision easier:

  • Converting your garage is, by no means, an insignificant investment. It’s quite the opposite. So, ensure you have a clear idea of your intended use for the space and the design and layout you envision. Set a budget that allows for contingencies, and seek the help of an experienced contractor to bring your vision to life.
  • Don’t overlook removing your garage door in your budget. This costly step comprises removing the hardware, replacing the door, adding windows if needed, and taking care of the finishing from the exterior angle.
  • Garages are far darker than regular spaces and tend not to be insulated. Be prepared to go into detail about your lighting, heating, insulation, and air conditioning that would need to change to account for your new space’s requirements. Apart from your electrical connections, it would help to look at your plumbing.

Garage Conversion Before-and-After

Looking for ideas to get started? Owings Brothers’ complete design-build service can help you find the perfect solution for your space. Watch how Owings Brothers converted this garage into a beautiful master suite in the video below.

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