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Will a Garage Conversion Add Value to My Home?

Dec 21, 2022 | Garage, Interior Remodeling

Garage conversions have jumped in popularity since the pandemic, with homeowners adding gyms, art studios, and more as they spend more time at home. Now some states are encouraging projects such as garage conversions as an alternative to home buying due to shortages in the housing market. As with anything, there are pros and cons to converting a garage into an added living space. Our previous article gave a balanced look for homeowners on the fence about this investment. We are dedicating this article to the positives—and there are many, for homeowners ready to dramatically increase their livable square footage with a garage conversion.

seating area for inlaw apartment

Garage converted to an in-law apartment. See the Project Details.

Top Benefits of Garage Conversions

Here’s a look at all you stand to gain in converting your garage into a living space.

  • You get extra space at an efficient cost. Among the options for additions to your home, garage conversions can be one of the least expensive per square foot. This advantage does not mean garage conversions are cheap, but they require less investment than other options for the same square footage because you can use space where the foundation already exists. While it still is a major conversion project, for the most part, the basics are in place, such as the walls, roof, electricity, and a concrete floor. Now you might need to place an additional wall once you change the garage door (or even add in windows), but it will still be on a smaller scale than building from the ground up. So, you get the space to use as you need, whether for a home office, additional bedroom or bathroom, an extended kitchen, family room, playroom, or even a home gym, and an economical way to renovate a structure that exists and has the framing exposed.
  • Consider the time-saving aspect. Along with the above advantage, you also stand to save on the time it takes to complete the project. If you have a detached garage, you get the added benefit of living in your home during the renovation process with little disruption to your lifestyle. This seamlessness becomes hard to achieve when an attached addition or remodel transforms your house into a construction zone. Finding alternate accommodation becomes more costly and more complicated if you have pets.
  • It adds value to your home. A garage conversion can increase your home’s value, especially if the conversion includes an additional bedroom.
  • You save on outdoor space. Using what you already have eliminates the need to build an entirely new structure, especially one that will take away your hard-to-come-by outdoor space. Garage conversions give you both your outdoor space and increased square footage.
  • It’s easier to complete. While there is a significant amount of money, time, work, and effort to convert your garage, it is also easier to do this than opting for a completely new structure. Garages are usually unfinished, simply framed, and easier to access for your construction team, ensuring a smoother project.
  • If converting a basement isn’t viable, converting a garage works beautifully with its easy access to natural light and ventilation. Homeowners with detached garages also gain sound separation and privacy. Attached garage owners benefit from being close to loved ones, which is particularly useful in the case of elderly family members in the home.
  • There’s so much you can add and do to make the space your own. For example, you can add skylights, open up the ceiling, and make the most of breathtaking views from well-constructed new windows.
  • Your conversion can have the advantage of a private entrance. Private entrances are great if you want to build an area with more privacy and seclusion.

Before-And-After Garage Conversion

Featured Project: The area above a garage often provides an excellent opportunity to convert under-utilized square footage into valuable live space, as in this master suite addition example.


Featured Project: This senior couple decided to turn their attached garage in a beautiful first-floor master suite. See two before-and-after pictures below plus more project details here. The possibilities for a garage conversion are endless.


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