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Reisterstown Contemporary Master Bath

Large Showers Replace Garden Tubs

This Reisterstown master bathroom got a contemporary makeover care of Owings Brothers Contracting.  As with many early 90’s homes a garden tub was a must! However homeowners now want more space in their bathroom and are swapping a tub for a larger walk-in shower. You can see your bathroom transform just like this contemporary master bath remodel. This home in Reisterstown was no exception. We removed the space-eating tub and a beautiful walk-in steam shower with bench was added, along with a complete contemporary remodel, all within the existing bathroom footprint.

Converting your garden tub into a shower can provide extra room in your bathroom.  If you never enjoy soaking in a tub, but desire a new and improved shower experience, then this may be just the remodel for you, while still staying within the footprint of your bathroom. To all for a more open and spacious feel we recommend using a glass panel to separate the shower stall from the rest of the bathroom. A solid wall can define the space more and give a closed-in feel to the shower.  A glass panel will also afford natural light from any window in the room.  If you want an even greater sense of openness you could forgo a shower.

Expanding the look of your master bath

Many homeowners are looking for a spa-like retreat, similar to this homeowner’s remodel.  The walk in shower includes a steam unit, body sprays and a bench for relaxing.  The two walls of glass allow the natural light from the window to brighten the shower area and the large mirror over the vanity helps to reflect light.  Also this master bath has a vaulted ceiling, which gives the illusion of a more expansive space.  Designing in a contemporary style, the cabinetry, fixtures and tile in neutrals and bright whites aid in giving the room a more open feel.

The only advice we give for removing a tub and replacing it with a shower  would be to make sure another bathroom in the home has a tub.  This is for resale value.  Most realtors recommend a homeowner leave one bathroom with a tub for attracting young families.

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Contemporary Master Bath Before Photos