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Reisterstown Screened Porch

Baltimore County Outdoor Living

This particular screened porch fits nicely in the rear corner of the home. We incorporated a shed roof design to give it architectural balance from the exterior elevation but kept the interior with higher volume to create a roomy effect. All of the colors and finishes were complementary to the existing landscape. Natural stone was selected for the floor, especially to enhance an outdoor feel. All the color selections, even down to the exterior colors, were softened and muted to compliment each other, versus a strong contrast of colors and style that would have given it an unnatural feel. Lastly, real stucco was used to create a natural and uniform appearance in lieu of horizontal siding or other products.

reisterstown screened porch

This custom screened porch gives the homeowner additional living space, with the built-in grill and comfortable “living room” like furniture. Also, in the uncomfortable months, spring and summer, when the insects can be a nuisance it provides an open feel from the interior of the home, yet keeps the insects out!   In the cooler temperatures, the outdoor heater shown helps to make the porch a cozy retreat.  Beautiful and functional addition.  For additional screened porch ideas go here.

Before Screened Porch Addition Photos

After Screened Porch Addition Photos