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Screened Porch Addition

Jan 23, 2019 | Howard County, Outdoor Living

Screened Porch Front Entry

A beautiful and inviting front porch entry was the result of collaboration between the owner, architect and production team to bring the vision to life. High ceilings, skylights, maintenance-free materials, and interesting roofline make this a one of a kind project.  A vast amount of energy was spent to make sure the finishes and layout worked from a curb appeal standpoint and fit the overall flow of the house.  The end result is a successful project with a unique twist on a front porch that the homeowners will enjoy for years to come.

One of the many challenges on this project was the idea of placing the screened porch on the front of the house where you had to walk through the porch to get to the front door and to meet the existing roof line with the ceiling height desired by the client.  Obviously, it is a unique proposition to design and construct a screened porch on the front of a house.  The owner’s architect was a close personal friend who visits with clients regularly so he had a vested interest to create a design that worked with the house.

Since it is a unique front entry we feel the clients return on investment is substantial.

Before Screened Porch Photos

After Screened Porch Photos