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Spa-Like Bathroom Renovations

Apr 7, 2014 | Bathroom, Contemporary, Featured

Popular Bathroom Renovations

The pace of our lives today with high-pressure careers, various family activities and especially the ones our children are involved,  leave very little time to visit a spa or go on retreat.  Have no fear, we have the answer to unwind and slow your harried lives.  Turn your master bathroom into your own spa-like retreat haven with a bathroom renovation!  How do you do that? We have compiled some well-loved and often requested bathroom amenities over the past 30 years to offer the busy person a heavenly place to rest from the chaos around them.    We can help to turn your specific bathroom space into an easily accessible spa retreat.

1.  Soaking Tubs

Jetted or Not?  Whirlpool baths offer the most in massage therapy for sore muscles and joints.  They have been around for years, starting in 1968, when Jacuzzi first sold its first self-contained whirlpool tub.   The new technology takes the standard jetted tub and adds pizazz with built-in waterproof televisions, gaming stations or audio features. Another enhancement to the atmosphere can be underwater chromotherapy lighting, such as cool blue for restfulness or for a more romantic mood try magenta.

If you are desirous of a softer massage and more relaxing experience you can opt for an air bathtub.  The water action comes from multiple holes in the bottom of the tub or sides or both in lieu of the movable jets.  The various action settings can range from a constant bubble to wave or pulse action and all by remote control.  Some of these tubs and the jetted tubs offer a heater to keep water at just the right temperature.

Claw foot tub with chrome fixtures and black and white marble tile floor and marble wall by Owings Brothers Contracting.

Vintage Claw Foot Tub

Perhaps you are looking for something more standard as in vintage claw foot design or clean modern lines in the slipper tubs, without heaters, jets or lights.  These free-standing units can show off the style of the tub. They can differ in depth allowing the bather to relax in the shoulder-deep water, in lieu of, the standard 14″ height in most tub/shower combinations.   Most soaking tubs range from 60-72″ in length and hold 250 gallons of water.  There are a variety of materials used to create the ultimate soaking atmosphere, such as; copper, nickel, wood, composites and acrylic materials.

You can easily wash away the stress of the day with these beautiful additions to any bathroom renovation.

2. Spa-Like Showers

If you prefer showers to baths you can create your own custom shower with state of the art technology.  Many shower systems have electronic controls that allow you to set sprays, water use, music, steam and temperature, which can offer a very therapeutic experience.  Among the enhancements offered are rain shower heads, body sprays with invigorating water pressure for massage and walk-in convenience that is beautiful, as well as, functional for aging in place.

Luxurious Master Bath Remodel by Owings Brothers Contracting

Custom Glass Shower Enclosure

The “old-time” glass shower doors on tracks is a thing of the past.  New shower plans include the ability to walk into the shower, curbless, and many do not include a door.  The doorway for these luxurious showers keep maintenance to a low and also provide easy movement in and out of the shower as mobility decreases.  If you plan your shower size to be  4′ x 6′ you can include some or all of the newly improved shower sprays, heads, and steam generators.  This is larger than the standard 3′ x 3′ that are offered in most of the older homes.  If you choose to do away with the door, then the size of your new shower should be 5′ x 7′,  so that the showerheads can be directed in a way that the spray doesn’t reach beyond the shower area.

To see some of the Steam Showers Owings Brother Contracting has installed, please visit our Steam Showers in Maryland page.

3. Surfaces

There are so many surface styles and materials to choose from that it will boggle the mind, but we will touch on a few of the popular ones.  Tile is still the most used material in bathroom renovations.  The types of tile are countless, but porcelain still ranks high with many homeowners due to its affordable pricing.  Some look like natural stone and can run $5 a square foot.    We recommend that you minimize grout lines by using 18″ x 18″ on the floors and  12″ x 12″ on all or some of the walls.   To give some interest you can include 6″ x 6″ on the diagonal with a glass listello tile accent.

Granite & quartz have moved from the kitchen to include many bathroom vanities due to its durability and beauty.  Solid-surface material such as Silestone can offer a cost-effective option that is also able to integrate with a solid surface sink, adjoining cove or backsplash.  Combining natural stone, metals, glass  & handcrafted tiles can create a “one of a kind” look and still be durable.    Choose the finishes and materials that give your space the overall look that is signature for you.

4. Vanities

When planning your vanity one important consideration would be whether to install single or double sinks.  Many homeowners are opting for a single sink vanity which allows a larger surface area to put things down and less plumbing which expands the available storage space inside the vanity cabinet.  Available to homeowners are linen towers which can offer easy access to towels while at the sink.  We also recommend that you not purchase a product without seeing it in person.  You can research products online, but materials and finishes are not always as they seem and it would be to your advantage to touch and see the product you are considering for your bathroom renovation.

Several other areas to consider when planning your bathroom remodel are ventilation, lighting, as well as, the quality and water efficiency of toilets, sinks, and faucets.  When investing in a bathroom remodeling project make sure the end result not only fits your need, saves money on energy and water, but also adds value to your home.  Consider a professional remodeler for your project, especially in the bathroom, because hidden water damage is a common problem whether from a leaky shower pan or running toilet.

As homeowners are deciding to stay in their homes for the long haul, remodeling the bathroom has become a popular way to enhance their living experience as well as increase the value of their home.