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Home Spas – The Steam Shower Health Benefits

Mar 1, 2016 | Bathroom

large custom steam shower with tiled bed to recline

Spa Master Bath

In days gone by, one had to travel to a health spa to enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of a steam shower. Steam Showers provide the partaker a relaxation of tense muscles, removal of toxins, improves tone and texture of your skin and can help clear sinuses. Today homeowners can enjoy this luxurious amenity in the comfort of their own bathroom shower.

Your bathroom shower can now become a healthful and relaxing steam room at just a touch of a button. How? Your shower can be enclosed from floor to ceiling with tile walls and glass so that it becomes a vapor-tight space and be equipped with a steam shower generator. This 7-kilowatt generator is no larger than a loaf of bread and is installed outside of the shower enclosure. This unit boils the water and then pipes in the resulting vapor to you as you relax on your shower bench or seat.

Once you enjoy the benefits of the steam you can easily turn the generator off by pushing a button and switch on the shower controls for a refreshing shower. The steam shower allows the homeowner to enjoy this therapeutic environment within the confines of their present shower space, so no additional space is needed. Also, these showers use less water than a water-saving showerhead, with two gallons per 20 minutes of enjoyment versus fifty gallons of water in the same period of time. Whereas your water bill may go down, your electric bill is bound to increase. They are a great “green” alternative for conservationists.

Transforming your home’s bathroom shower into a luxury spa shower will add sophistication to your home, as well as, market value. In today’s, fast pace and the high pressured world, people are looking for opportunities to unwind and relax. Maybe a Steam Shower is just the thing to bring an atmosphere of peace and tranquility to your life!  Check Spa-Like Bathroom Renovations for more luxury bath tips.

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