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Getting Organized Is Easy with These Space-Saving Renovation Ideas

Space. This elusive commodity just never seems to be enough irrespective of the size of your house. With generous storage or space-saving ideas being one of the top needs in any home, the right solutions when renovating can go a long way in transforming the look of your home. Apart from the functional aspect, the benefits go beyond design and can add to the sensory quotient of your home. There is something to be said for what uninterrupted space and less clutter can do for your creativity and energy levels, not to forget how calming and grounding it can be. All you need are some nifty tweaks that will make the most of the space you have.

Do More with Mudrooms

How much attention do you pay to the entrance of your home? This often-overlooked space was one the ancient Greeks held in high regard. For them, this was the area where they made the transition from the outside to the inside by both emotionally and physically discarding everything that bound them to the outside world before stepping into their domestic havens.


Mudroom updated with a new slate floor, a full glass door, and sidelights. See Project Details.

What better way to do this than by installing a mudroom near your entryway? This is a handy space to discard shoes, boots, coats, and hats and can double up as a useful storage area for all extras from backpacks to sports equipment.

Traditionally, a mudroom was a room that was installed between the back door of the house and the kitchen. But the modern mudroom can be an area, which is carved from your existing entryway. Get creative by adding cubbies, baskets, hooks, and shelves designed to make the most of the available space. The payoff, of course, is that you can stem the flow of mud, dirt, and mess into the rest of your house, but make sure the flooring is easy to clean. Installing water-sealed ceramic tiles makes this process a breeze but if not, look at getting washable rugs or even a sealed floor cloth.

Give Your Kitchen a Makeover with a Walk-In Pantry

From gathering for meals as a family or even to entertain, the kitchen is the room that draws people together. Whether you prefer a modern, rustic, sophisticated, or classy aesthetic, getting rid of the clutter and mess does not require sweeping changes that can be hard on your time and your wallet.

walk in pantry with barn door

Instead, if you want to keep excess food items, utensils, and bulky appliances out of the kitchen, install a walk-in pantry. This will save you tons of space and is more affordable to build than having to change your entire cabinetry. What’s more, it is flexible and can be designed to fit the layout of your kitchen.

You can keep it functional with stepped shelving to store all your food, pots, and pans, labeling everything to be seen at a glance. You can even add sophisticated cabinetry to display glassware or dishware, in addition to using it for storage. You could also let it double as a cool wine cellar. All you need to complete it is bright interior lighting and cheery colors to make this area stand out as much as your kitchen.

Conquer the Clutter with a Walk-in Closet

walk-in closet can be more than just a place to store clothes. It can be a personal sanctuary that allows you some downtime without having to frantically deal with overflowing drawers or needing to rummage through crumpled clothes when you’re in a hurry. In fact, adding this clever design element to your home can save both your space and your sanity.

master closet

Master closet system with natural light by Owings Brothers. See more Closets and Dressing Room Ideas.

And just like with your clothes, one size does not fit all. So go ahead and spend time making this space perfect for your needs. Add in rods in different heights, smart moveable shelves, pull-out baskets, jewelry drawers, shoe racks, and cubbies to separate and arrange your items properly. You can also add higher shelves to store blankets, linens, pillows, and non-seasonal clothing.

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