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Closets and Dressing Room

Jul 12, 2019 | Closets and Storage

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Luxury Closets and Dressing Room with Laundry

These walk-in closets and dressing rooms have custom cabinetry and shoe shelves. The other bonus to these rooms is that each has a laundry area to make laundering clothes easy. No need to trudge to the lower level from the upper, just toss in the washer, dry and fold or hang. Could it be any easier? The beauty of allowing our professional closet designers to create a closet and dressing room just for you is that each individual’s needs are different. One client prefers open shelving and storage to easily see their clothes making choosing the outfit for the day a snap! Other homeowners like everything hidden giving a clean, streamlined appearance with the press and release wall-to-wall closet doors. Whatever your style Closets & Storage by Owings can create it for you. Give us a call so we can design your custom closet system today.

Closets and Dressing Room with Natural Light

What sets these home walk-in closets and dressing room apart is the abundance of natural light. The many windows in each allow for ease in distinguishing colors of apparel and the fail-safe guarantee that both socks and shoes match as you dress in the early morning prior to that first cup of coffee.  The custom island cabinetry provides plenty of storage space for your clothes and layout area for accessories.  The open shelving and hanging rods provide for ease in clothing selection and shoes.  No more digging into a dark closet for that favorite sweater or the other shoe.  Complete the closet survey and meet with one of our closet designers to create your own custom master closet.