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Split-Foyer Conversion Interior

Split Foyer Converted to Two Story

As promised we have in this post the interior remodel of this amazing renovation that won the Award of Excellence in 2016.  The plain Jane split foyer was amazingly transformed from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly by adding a front porch and second floor and raising the foyer to one level by moving the interior steps.  So many were impressed with this second-floor addition and now here is the remodeled interior of the new floor. To refresh your memory as to the remodel that added this second floor go here.

Split Foyer Conversion to Two Story-Interior

We are pleased to present this Howard County split foyer conversion interior equipped with a basketball hoop for the kids.  Take a look at this beautiful renovation.

After Foyer & Front Door Raised

One of the most disliked features of a split foyer is the entry into a set of stairs.  This stairway usually “splits” the home in two, one set going to the first floor and one set heading downstairs to the lower level.  Split foyers are usually comprised of the general living area and bedrooms on the first floor and the lower level a family room and storage, bath and sometimes an additional bedroom.  In this renovation, the steps in the foyer were removed and the space filled in to make it a level entry from the front door, which also needed to be raised. A split foyer conversion is no simple renovation, but Owings Brothers Contracting is up to the task!

Lower Level Transformed

The lower level of this 1970’s split foyer consisted of a bedroom, dated laundry/kitchen area, storage, and family room.  The area was dark and dingy and there wasn’t a need for a second kitchen.  The oldest son of four boys was a high school student and needed a little more privacy and a place to gather with friends.  His bedroom was expanded to include the fireplace and became a bedroom suite with bed, bath and sitting area.  The kitchen was removed and a new laundry area with beautiful custom barn doors was added to hide the washer and dryer.  The homeowner wanted to add a game room and a TV area for their growing boys to enjoy.

New Second Floor Interior

Included in the first remodel of raising the foyer and front door was the addition of a second floor.  This second floor converted a split foyer into a two-story home with a long covered front porch.  You wouldn’t recognize this home a caterpillar turned butterfly!  To access the new second floor a staircase was added to the first level and what a staircase!  Actually, two new staircases were built a new one to the lower level from the first floor and this beauty to the second.

Added Stairs to 2nd Floor

Take a look at the second floor finished space of this split foyer conversion, which became three new bedrooms, a new full bath, second-floor laundry room and the all-important basketball court for the boys to enjoy a competitive game prior to bed.

The homeowners were so happy with this second-floor addition and the conversion of the foyer.  The second floor enabled them to increase the size of their living space and to place the boys upstairs in their own area and enable them to expand the downstairs living area to include a dining room and enlarge the master bedroom suite with larger closets.  All in all a complete success in fulfilling the homeowner’s needs and providing a home they can continue to enjoy for many years to come.

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