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Split Foyer Converted to Two Story

Howard County 2nd Floor Addition


This young and growing family was quickly out-growing their modest 1970’s split foyer dwelling.  Their desire was to create a master plan that would involve a three-stage project.   This project represents the completion of phase 1 (exterior renovation), which included a new roof, new front porch, accommodating a future 2nd floor by constructing an addition and designing curb appeal.     

This Plain Jane split foyer was given more than a facelift, it was given a whole new second-floor by constructing an addition changing its style to a Colonial. The difference is remarkable and it not only looks better, but this growing family can stay in the neighborhood of their choice and still have room for their expanding lifestyle.  You too can stay in the neighborhood you live in if it is all you ever dreamed.  Call Owings Brothers today and let us show you how we can fit your home for your expanding lifestyle!   

At all times our best interest and our comfort was a top priority for the crew. I would highly recommend the work of Owings Brothers, and often do. The final product looks so great, its hard to believe an old Split Foyer is hiding underneath. Bryan G.

Check out the second phase of this project where we finish the newly added second floor, remodeled the basement and the first-floor entry.  Split-Foyer Conversion Interior!

During Construction of Addition

 After Photos for Addition