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The Three-Season Porch Is Making a Popular Comeback

Jan 20, 2022 | Outdoor Living

Given that we’ve all had to spend so much time indoors the last couple of years, is it any wonder that the three-season porch or sunroom is the most requested room to add when remodeling? This area can offer protection from the elements while allowing you to make a connection with the outside world, and you cannot underestimate the difference this ‘outdoor living’ room can make to your home. It can add warmth to even the coldest façade, give you a cozy, well-lit space to relax, save energy, help you let the outdoors in, or even double up as a playroom, dining room, or a work-from-home office. An added benefit is that it increases the value of your home, making this inviting living space an investment you will appreciate for years to come.

The Benefits of Adding an Enclosed Patio

The popularity of installing a three season room has increased for several reasons. One of these is that an enclosed porch (or a screened porch) allows you to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors but in safety and comfort. This porch is especially useful in areas where you need protection from insects and bugs, or even where you have to deal with falling leaves, which require constant clearing away. It’s also a sensible and economical way for eco-conscious individuals to save on the high cost of heating and air conditioning for both the environment and your wallet.

sunroom conversion

Sunroom with Fire Orb hanging fireplace. See Project Details.

A three-season porch differs from a four or all-season room in that it does not include fully insulated interiors with air conditioning or heating like the latter. But there’s a lot you can do to make this room comfortable, especially by installing the right kind of windows and doors. Keep in mind, though, that it’s more suited for three seasons, as its name implies, rather than four unless, of course, you live in an area that enjoys a warm climate all year round. But it is this aspect that makes the room more affordable as well. And you can be innovative by adding a gas fireplace or an infrared heater that might help keep the chill away in the winter. You can even consider insulated glass doors that prevent heat loss during intense winters.

Similarly, there might be days when it gets far too warm to sit out here as the sun’s extreme heat could hamper this room’s functionality. You can think of adding high ceilings and skylights that lend a sense of spaciousness, along with outdoor ceiling fans that keep the air flowing and prevent it from becoming stiflingly hot. From wooden or aluminum screen doors, to sturdier storm doors, door options are also endless.

Once your porch is installed, there’s a lot you can do to personalize it and make it your own. From picking the right paint color to suit the mood you want, to your lighting options and furniture, you can design it to perfectly compliment the rest of your house for a seamless extension. Add in quirky floor patterns, chandeliers, sconces, plants, ottomans, cozy rugs, roll-up shades or curtains, and other things to give it a lived-in vibe that turns it into an ideal living room you would want to spend a lot of time in.

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