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Winner of “Big 50” National Award

May 2, 2001 | Awards & News

Owings Brothers Contracting wins the Hanley Wood Remodeling Magazine prestigious Big 50 award.

Every year since 1986, Remodeling has searched for 50 remodelers at the top of their field. To come up with this year’s list, we sifted through nearly 200 applications and whittled it down to a select group whose thought-provoking narratives are packed with tips and inspiration to take your company to the next level.
Remodeling Magazine, say they have learned over the years, that there are a variety of ways to build a successful remodeling business and these award winning businesses each possess standout qualities and have a surprising amount in common. “They are dedicated to their work. They’re also usually skilled craftspeople who are meticulous in their execution. Most important, they’re open to learning something new, whether it’s a cutting-edge building technique or a digitally savvy marketing plan.”