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Barn Conversion to Play Place

Barn Conversion from Useless to Useful

How many times, did we hear our mother say, “Close the door, do you think you live in a barn?”  There are a few folks that can answer literally, “yes!”  What should homeowners do with their old barns, some of which are quite dilapidated?  Should they be revitalized and remodeled for families to enjoy? Some neighborhoods have bans on building any additional structures, but if you happen to have an old barn in the back yard you might be able to turn it into something quite amazing.  Take a look at this barn conversion, Owings Brothers had a hand in re-purposing!

Barn Renovation

Barn Renovation

Building Challenges

The homeowner in this neighborhood was required to maintain the barn’s existing footprint due to stringent building codes.  As with any 100 year old structure the challenge is accommodating the new structure using the original building. Some of the obstacles faced was floor spans and roof loads, while still maintaining an open finished interior. This is a unique project, since not many homeowners have a barn in their backyard, but with the expanse of the property, it adds another finished element that strengthens their home’s value.

Before Maryland Barn Remodel

Before Barn Remodel

Attention to Design

The homeowner wanted the barn to appear original in its form, yet have a more polished look.  To fulfill their request the architect and contractor decided the exterior would be a board on batten pattern with a suspended copper entry roof.  Also per the architects design, small shed dormers were installed to compliment both the style and pitch of the roof.  The interior of the structure rivals the best of any recreation room or finished lower level.  The revitalized structure contains a golf simulator area, cozy gathering area in front of a stone masonry fireplace, pool table and English pub bar on the second floor. A partial basketball shooting area is located in the rear of the building.  Our homeowners chose to have interior walls hand fitted and crafted of vintage reclaimed barn siding to maintain the rustic, yet refined feel.

This project combines the days of old with what’s current in an interesting and appealing way.

Owings Brothers Contracting’s Barn project was one of the projects feautred in this Baltimore Sun Article, “Barns, reborn as stylish places to live.

Before Photos Barn Conversion

During Barn Conversion

After Photos Barn Conversion