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Closet and Storage Survey

Oct 1, 2012 | Closets and Storage

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Closet and Storage Survey

Begin the process of efficiently using your closet and storage space by completing this simple survey.  Categorizing your needs in advance can help plan for your closet/storage system installation.  Simple steps to aid in the process are below:

Step 1:  Empty your closet of everything.
Step 2:  Organize your items in categories; keep, donate, sell or toss.
Step 3:  If you are working in a clothes closet you can decide by what you have worn in the past 6 months. A helpful tip to consider is to hang all the hangers backward and every time you wear an item turn the hanger forwards.  What hasn’t been worn donate.
Step 4:  Once you know what you have to store you can take the closet survey below and then decide what you will need in your closet system.
Step 5:  Speak with one of our design consultants to help design the closet you need.
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Download this PDF file and take your first step in gaining more space in your home!   Also, check out our Owings Closet and Storage Brochure.

Closet & Storage Survey

Closet & Storage Brochure