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Top 5 Wow Factors In Luxury Closet Design

Feb 16, 2023 | Closets and Storage

Closets today have evolved to be far more than areas you use to store your clothes. For many of us, they are our sanctuaries that provide respite and a dose of calm from the routine, chaos, and the hustle and bustle of life. Here is where we can add as much or as little color as we want, organize it the way we choose, and add those luxury closet design touches that help put our stamps on it.

If you scroll through your Pinterest boards, we bet you will come across quite a few pins featuring dreamy, spacious closets that look like they’ve come straight out of the pages of your favorite magazine. But how do you elevate this space and add that wow factor to it in your home? We tell you just how to carry out a closet upgrade that will help you stay more organized and bring you much pleasure and enjoyment.

How to Bring Your Walk-In Closet Design to Life

There’s no denying the allure of a walk-in closet but the project involves far more than simply showing your contractor images or cut-out photographs. It helps to have a detailed plan, vision, and budget. Look at these critical aspects while designing your walk-in closet.

  1. Identify your storage needs: The first step is to evaluate what items will go into your closet. You need enough space for your stuff, and making this list will help you develop the best design. Taking note of what works and doesn’t work in your current footprint will give you helpful pointers on what needs to be added or changed. Accessibility is equally essential, as an inconvenient and impractical layout can take away from the functionality of your closet. Do you need to take over an adjoining bedroom to create space, or do you have enough space in your bedroom to make room for a walk-in closet?
  2. Pay attention to the aesthetics: While functionality is a big part of your walk-in closet design, don’t discount the appeal of the right aesthetics. Keep beauty in mind along with practical aspects here. Go through each area of your closet and see what you can change or add to make it more refined. This step means paying attention to even minor details, such as replacing flat panel doors with prettier glass ones, opting for a quirky architectural trim, or even picking higher-end materials like finished hardwood, veneers, and quality hardware. You’d be surprised once you see the difference these details can make. Combine the right colors, patterns, and textures that look good and feel good to you, and your closet will be a haven when it’s ready.
  3. Look for a specialized closet storage system: While a walk-in closet can elevate an often overlooked area of your home, it takes much thought and planning to get right. For instance, you’d be surprised to know that a walk-in closet can limit your clothing space, so discussing the ins and out of the exact location and spatial constraints becomes a vital part of your closet design process. The other aspect that can help tremendously is to opt for a specialized closet storage system with custom shelves, baskets, drawers, forward telescoping rods, angled and hanging racks, tie and belt racks, bottom-hinged doors with hamper inserts and other cabinetry that are all arranged at varying heights for easy access and to make the most of your allotted space.
  4. Add a conversation starter and luxe touches: While you are sure to spend time making your walk-in closet attractive, from the furniture to the color scheme and the fabrics and materials used, go a step further with luxury closet design points to make a better impact. Adding an element that stands out and becomes the focal feature can elevate your walk-in closet to a new level. For instance, if you have the space, opt for an island that comes in use while folding or arranging your clothes. Then add more premium touches in other areas to enhance the glam quotient and make it a room where you want to spend time. Customized lighting, pull-out shoe trays, windows to allow the fresh air in, framed artwork, velvet-lined drawers, rugs you can sink into, unique vanities and dressing tables, wall niches to display sculptures, mirrored doors, and aromatic cedar lining can all go a long way in upping the luxe factor of the room.
  5. Your lighting can make a world of a difference: Closet lighting, experts believe, is an art all on its own and can illuminate your wardrobe most impressively. From the luxury of natural light that filters in through a window to opulent chandeliers or eye-catching pendants, LED closet lights, wall sconces, or under-counter lights, a well-lit closet is much more comfortable, fashionable, warm, and inviting at the same time. LED lights generate the least heat and work well here, especially as this room stores perfume bottles and clothing items that may not fare well in intense heat. But also check the wattage while balancing the desired mood, cabinetry colors, and your chosen materials. See if you prefer warm or cool lights, and add dimmers that allow you to control the intensity. Ribbon lighting along the length of the closet will intensify the brightness and provide enhanced visibility, while strings of twinkly lights can add a dash of whimsy. Pick and choose what enhances the ambiance best and channels the right vibe.

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