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How to Organize a Star-Worthy Luxury Closet System

Feb 16, 2023 | Closets and Storage

A luxury closet system will have many unique features, but one fundamental rule when organizing any closet is not to focus excessively on the amount of space because it’s how you use it that matters most.

Organizing your closet starts right when designing and installing it, not later (if you want it to be star-worthy). This way, you get a space perfectly made for you, a dream to look at and use. We don’t think of our closets as spaces of solitude, but that’s what they can be. A well-thought-out and planned closet can bring in the sense of calm that offsets the chaos and busyness of life.

Having space to store all your items and the relief of knowing where each thing is can be something that anyone in a rush will appreciate. Even if you’re not in a hurry, just having everything meticulously laid out can work wonders for your mood. Here’s how to organize a star-worth luxury closet system for your home.

master closet with cubbies, drawers, shelves, rods and plenty of natural light Closetsandstoragebyowings

A luxurious closet system by Owings Brothers, featuring generous storage and plenty of natural light.

Serving Up Style and Efficiency in Your Walk-In Closet

A closet should serve up style and efficiency in equal measures. To do this, it all comes down to your organizational skills. Here’s how to create a stand-out closet in these easy steps:

  • Start with a review. By this, we mean taking stock of what you have: clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, and anything else you want to house in your closet. This inventory will give you what you need before picking or designing your closet area. For example, if you have more clothes that must be hung up rather than folded in drawers or placed on shelves, you should seek a storage system that works accordingly.
  • Have a design in mind. The right design can fit in and look good in any size of walk-in closet you have – whether you turned a spare room into your walk-in closet or if you carved out part of your bedroom for one. Have references that are as close to your actual space as possible to show your contractor along with the kind of layout you need based on the inventory you made above. They would then be able to help you tweak it and make suggestions to ensure the result looks closest to your vision and tell you what they can do within your budget.
  • Get a customized storage system that works. This step is where all the planning shines. Now you can see how many adjustable shelves, drawers, belt racks, angled and hanging racks, baskets, drawers, hamper inserts, pull-out shoe trays or graduated shoe racks, wall-to-wall cubbies, and other cabinetry your closet will require to organize your items. Also, remember to look for lesser-known storage options like enough plastic hangers of specific colors, clear shoe boxes, and accessories holders. All this lets you know where everything is at a glance and looks fabulous. Of course, for these features to work well, they should be customized, cut, and fit to suit your space and needs precisely.
  • Furniture and furnishings can help you stay organized: Depending on your space, boost opulence and comfort with suitable materials, textures, and furniture. For instance, installing an island with a built-in bench and drawers will give you space to fold and sort out your things, while a storage ottoman can double up as an uber-cool seating spot along with the option to store items inside it. In addition, mirrored doors, cedar or velvet-lined drawers, little niches that allow you to store stand-out pieces, and the proper customized lighting can add visual appeal and color and help you stay organized beautifully.
  • Swap tie racks for cellarets: While tie racks can help you stay organized, you can go a step further and opt for insets, which will help much more. Built-in drawer options keep your ties separate and wrinkle-free, saving you valuable time in a rush.
  • Add a laundry cabinet: Facing a pile of dirty laundry will not help you feel very organized. Instead of having it all pile up in an open basket, have a discreet cabinet with an easy-to-remove basket.
  • Opt for a valet rod: This will help you keep outfits ready for your day or an evening out. It makes it easy to access and sort.
  • Add in a jewelry drawer: Building a special jewelry drawer will help you to see your favorite pieces at a glance. You won’t have to dig through piles of earrings or rings to find what you’re looking for when each has its own space. Also, these inserts add a glam, high-end vibe to any closet.
  • Add in drawer dividers: While you might have accounted for how many drawers you need, you will still have to dig through a bunch of stuff to find what you’re looking for in them. To make it easier, get dividers that help you sort and stay on top of whatever you put in the drawers. When your scarves, socks, and other bits and pieces have their compartments, dressing becomes much quicker for you.
  • Storage bins can help: As much as you try to build an inventory, as time goes on, you will find yourself with dozens of items you don’t know where to keep. So please do yourself a favor and add a couple of storage bins right at the outset.
  • Try a corner carousel: Walk-in closets often contain wasted corner space because of their awkward angle. So put a clever spin on this space by adding a carousel that displays your clothes as it rotates, giving you a quirky vibe and much more space in a jiffy.

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One size certainly doesn’t fit all when building star-worthy closets, and the best way to organize your closet is to do or get what works for you—the star! For that, you need a team who understands how to do this right from the design to the implementation.

At Owings Brothers, we invest thoroughly in every project. We also know that style goes hand-in-hand with functionality for a truly luxury closet system when it comes to something as personal as organizing your closet. Contact us today to see how we can help you design and install a wonderfully organized luxury closet system closet that you can enjoy daily for years to come.