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Contemporary Bathroom Remodel

Jan 29, 2019 | Bathroom, Carroll County

Contemporary Bathroom Remodel

The homeowner’s desire was to have a master bath that was contemporary yet elegant and functional.  The most important element for the design team and contractor was to offer cutting edge technology and this includes a remote control multi-functional toilet/bidet, digital remote shower & tub controls and integrated tablet recesses by each vanity.  The various tile surfaces and finishes add design interest, the round accent tile sections above the freestanding soaking tub were hand chosen for color, size, and variation. Use of tiles and surfaces that are beautiful, yet easy to maintain create high value for the consumer.  The consumer’s interest in technology combined with elegant finishes creates a long term value. The wet/dry seat installed in the glass shower wall is a design focal point and also offers space-saving efficiency.

Owners were in need of an update and wanted to convert their production level bathroom into a spa-type contemporary bathroom.  The owners required a larger shower and an individual soaking tub. They had the needed space, but the layout was inefficient and relocation of fixtures was required. The best location for the shower was at a large window which was converted from a standard to a vinyl glass block window to maintain privacy and to offer water resistance and direct sunlight.  Owner’s request included a stand-alone soaking tub.

There was careful thought taken by the homeowners for this master bath renovation.  They wanted upscale fixtures and everything to be cutting edge technology.  All the fixtures except the sinks can be remote control operated.  A sleek contemporary look was incorporated in the design, yet a traditional feel with the arts & crafts cherry wood cabinets.  The flow and function of this master bath are more efficient and attractive than the original and will add value to the home.

Contemporary Bathroom Remodel Photos