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Baltimore Industrial Design Loft

Urban Loft

Our homeowners decided to enjoy the urban lights and amenities as they reached the empty-nester stage by purchasing this industrial design loft.  The excitement of the city and the close proximity of entertainment, restaurants, and retail stores made this move very attractive to their active lives.  Many families make the change to urban life after the children move on to college, careers, and the establishment of their own homes.  The need for spacious homes and landscape diminishes and the desire to continue the time-consuming upkeep decreases.  So leaving the suburbs they made the switch to city life and are loving it!

A large, light-filled Fells Point condominium in an industrial building was just the place to begin their design planning.  This 2000 square foot Baltimore loft included concrete floors and exposed HVAC pipes and also majestic eighteen-foot ceilings.  High ceilings provided the ability for a two-story floorplan offering a master bedroom in the loft space expanding the living space.  Using a floating stair concept with glass, metal, and white oak that also blends into the white painted walls creates an airy look.

industrial urban loft in baltimore city for empty nesters

Open Concept Industrial Design

The main floor for this industrial design loft was given an expansive look by painting all walls in SuperWhite enhancing the open concept.  A renovated kitchen and dining area became one space. Choosing Durasupreme frameless Simply White painted cabinetry brightened the once dark turquoise kitchen.  White oak walls and island framing continued in this space to bring everything in the open concept together.  A white marble backsplash and countertops keep the neutral theme creating visual openness.

Additional Living Space

Open concept living is wonderful for enjoying every square foot of your industrial design condominium but can be a deterrent for privacy.  For additional sleeping quarters sometimes needed for their grown daughters, the homeowner chose to create a den.  A glass wall with a transom was built and blackout curtains were installed to offer the privacy needed while guests occupied the space.  When curtains are completely opened the glass walls allow in the natural light from the eighteen-foot wall of windows.  This large bank of windows also has motorized blackout shades and sheer curtains. Through these floor-to-ceiling windows, our clients can enjoy the views of downtown Baltimore or shut out the city lights when desired.

The entire urban loft was remodeled including a master bath, loft bedroom, powder room, and foyer.  Everything seamlessly comes together with components in the neutral colors and various textures of this modern industrial style.

Their living room or entertainment/media space received a new niche for floor-to-ceiling lighted bookshelves customized with a grasscloth backdrop and white shelving.  The color and texture of the grasscloth mimic the white oak flooring, stair treads, and other areas that included this warm contrast to the bright white.

Before Industrial Design Loft

After Industrial Design Loft

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