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Deck Railing Designs

Oct 22, 2019 | Outdoor Living

Deck Railing Ideas

In choosing the type of deck railing for your outdoor space whether a deck or stairs there are several factors to consider; Cost, View, Aesthetics, Maintenance, and Safety.   To sum it up, the choice for railings; glass, wood or cable, is based on your priorities.  Cable & glass type railings provide contemporary and airy design and both are sturdy, long-lasting with less maintenance than wood railings, especially for the outdoors.  In a previous post, we compared stainless steel cable railing with glass railings.  You can learn more about these popular contemporary choices here.

If your home has a farmhouse style you may find that these styles will not fit the home.  An available deck railing idea is a composite material that is maintenance-free and available in many styles and colors.  Your contractor can review the various products and help with selections that best fit your home.  If you wish to learn more about composite deck material more information is available here.

Cable Deck Railing vs Wood Deck Railing

The contemporary and modern style has pervaded the remodeling and home building market with homeowners choosing this uncluttered, streamline design.  One such choice that stands out is the metal deck railing.  These railings have made it big with the outdoor deck and porch, but also for interior railings in modern and contemporary style homes.  Homeowners are now deciding cable railings vs wood railings and which is best for their home interior and exterior spaces.  To learn more check out our post comparing these two railing designs.

Several of our deck and stair projects are showcased below.  You can also see our Outdoor Living Gallery for more ideas.