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What Are Different Styles of Interior Design?

Jun 25, 2021 | Interior Remodeling

contemporary home makeover

One of the most exciting aspects of interior design is that there’s literally something for everyone. Whether you like a more timeless style or something truly avant-garde, there’s room to express yourself and your tastes. Most interior design styles can be divided into categories such as traditional, contemporary, and modern. In today’s article, we’ll dive deeper into up-and-coming trends that span each of these groups and discuss how to achieve each look in your space.

Interior Design Style Trends in 2021 and Beyond

2021 is already proving to be the year of shakeups for design. 2020 gave people a chance to take stock of and edit their living spaces. Instead of the neutral and color-toned color palettes of the past, warm tones and prints are emerging as the leading styles of the year. This trend extends to textures as well.

As you refine your interior design tastes, make note of the following top styles.

Midcentury Modern

Yes, midcentury modern (MCM) is still having a moment! The design movement was in its heyday during the post-World War II period of 1945 to 1969. Known for its clean lines and organic and geometric shapes, MCM has reemerged in homes across the globe as of late.

white wave ceramic tile fireplace and rustic wood beams

Updated midcentury modern home with natural accents. See the project details.

Millennials, in particular, appreciate midcentury modern due to its minimalistic look. Its focus on function means that each piece should be as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing. To bring a touch of MCM to your place, try a walnut sideboard, sage green velvet sofas, or even a fun milk glass lamp with an atomic shade.


Prefer something a little more grand? Give the Grandmillennial style a spin. This interior design trend is characterized by chinoiserie print, elegant chandeliers, wallpaper, ginger jars, and antiques. Also, known as New Traditionalist, the Grandmillennial style unites old and new for a fresh spin on things. It’s not uncommon to find vintage paintings, antique tables, and contemporary pieces in the same space.

Luxurious, elegant room paneling and trim

Custom home office with luxurious paneling and trim. See the project details.

For a Grandmillennial touch, try experimenting with gold frames, brass planters, blue and white prints, and wicker pieces.


The industrial style is at the complete opposite end of the Grandmillennial. This no-sense take on design features darker color palettes, mixed metals, exposed brick, and salvaged materials. Despite its simplicity, industrial design always makes a bold statement. This is largely due to its more traditionally masculine silhouettes.

industrial basement with barn door

Industrial style basement remodel. See the project details.

To get started with the industrial trend, lean on utilitarian materials and furniture. You might consider checking out second-hand and antique stores for items made of wood, iron, aluminum, brick, and copper. You can also use distressed materials to build countertops, kitchen islands, and beams.

How to Blend Different Interior Design Styles

It’s not uncommon to want to blend multiple design styles. For a cohesive look, start making a note of two styles that you enjoy. The easiest way to do this by choosing elements that the two design styles have in common. For example, if you like industrial and MCM styles, you could focus on clean lines and organic materials. If you prefer contemporary and Grandmillennial, try bringing in modern prints with a blue and white color palette.

When creating a more eclectic look, take your time to carefully consider each piece. This sort of meticulous selection can help create a more united appearance rather than a mix-matched look.

Hire a Professional Interior Designer

An interior designer can help you bring together the look you’re after. At Owings Brothers, we plan and create spaces that are both functional and beautiful. To get started making your vision a reality, browse our interior design gallery for inspiration, then contact us for a free design consultation.