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8 Double Shower Ideas for a Spa-Like Experience

Jul 14, 2022 | Bathroom

There’s a wind of change blowing through the world of interiors. Bathrooms are replacing kitchens as centers of attention. In a world where self-care has moved from an indulgence to a norm, more than ever, bathrooms are refuges or havens of solitude where one can disconnect or wash away the day. Adding luxe touches that turn the bathroom into a spa-like experience (or as close as you can manage) makes this space even more appealing. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add a double shower. It does away with the bells and whistles of an ornate or space-consuming bathtub but makes your space stylish, open, light, and even easier to clean. It also adds another layer to the room: convenience. And this, as every busy homeowner knows, is not an advantage to be taken lightly. So, if adding a double shower is part of your bathroom renovation itinerary, we tell you exactly how to make this area stand out with these double shower ideas.

wet room with double-headed shower

Luxurious wet room with a double-headed shower. See the Project Details.

8 Design Ideas to Consider When Building a Double Shower

When picking your double shower design, remember two can be fun, and two can equally be trouble. So, choose a double shower wisely with the help of these extraordinary double shower ideas.

  • When adding a double shower, look for statement faucets such as brass, bronze, metallic, or gilded faucets. You can even consider carved, intricate, antique ones that will create a conversation starter. If you want an option that only gets better over time, try using exposed brass shower heads, which will develop a patina to get a beautifully vintage look that won’t ever get old or go out of style. What you’re looking for here are bold statement pieces that significantly impact a small area.
  • Just because it’s a double shower doesn’t mean everything has to be the same. Go ahead and personalize your double shower according to your preferences. For instance, you might want a rain shower while your partner prefers a directional one, so customize it to keep both of you happy.
  • You don’t need to share the entrance to each shower. Add a dash of drama to the area’s aesthetics by giving each shower its own glass door. This arrangement will reduce the traffic and make a great visual statement simultaneously.
  • Another exciting option is to carve out a niche where you add your double shower. You can paint this alcove or decorate it entirely different from the rest of the bathroom to make it even more impactful. For instance, add mosaic, stone, or even marble floor-to-ceiling tiles in a vivid hue or pattern if the rest of the area is more subdued to add contrast.
  • The double showers don’t need to be placed side by side in your bathroom but can be on opposite ends of the room for a quirky twist. If you also have a freestanding bathtub, you can place a shower on either end.
  • To take the indulgence up a notch or two, add steam generators. These items must be connected to the plumbing and wired into the electrical. Therefore, this project isn’t a DIY undertaking and requires a licensed electrician to plan it properly.
  • A shower bench or a shelf can be an excellent way to avoid clutter and to complete rituals like shaving without slipping or falling all over the place. A recessed section where you install a bench can maximize space and add intimacy and coziness.
  • Another option that can make a huge difference is adding in a thermostatic valve that can keep your temperature just as either one of you wants it. This means you don’t have to switch back and forth between temperatures that range from intensely hot to warm. Do you see how a double shower can be a win-win in all aspects?
zero threshold double headed shower

Zero-threshold double-headed shower. See the Project Details.

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Bringing the spa to your bathroom with the help of a double shower involves more than just replacing your worn-out single shower head with high-end, luxury faucets. You must ensure they enhance the place visually, add symmetry, and fit the allocated area perfectly. At Owings Brothers, we can envision and implement your dream bathroom idea and bring it to life with stunning double showers. Contact us today to see how we can ensure that a double shower makes a double impact, enhancing the appeal of your bathroom and the whole design of your home.