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Luxurious Wet Room Ideas

Jun 22, 2022 | Bathroom

wet room with double-headed shower

When it comes to luxury bathroom designs, wet rooms are currently at the forefront of the trend. By far one of the best ways to elevate your bathroom, wet rooms draw inspiration from the popularity of ancient Roman baths and the beautifully designed bathrooms in Japan. By doing away with an enclosed shower, wet rooms are contemporary, easy to clean, and add the right aesthetic touch to your home. Characterized by its sense of openness and ample floor space, a wet room can come close to allowing you a way to recreate the ambiance and amenities of a spa right in your home.

Do you need more encouragement to add a wet room to your renovation plans? If you do, we have another benefit; luxury bathrooms can increase the value of your home significantly, and adding a wet room can up the real estate value further. So you get to enjoy the luxuries of a wet room while increasing the resale margin of your home, should you ever choose to sell—that sounds like a win-win to us!

10 Wet Room Ideas and Design Options You’ll Love

When designing the perfect wet room, you will find that paying attention to the details can make a world of difference. We list some clever wet room ideas to make this room stand out.

  • Less can be more. To enhance the luxe vibe, create a streamlined palette by picking just one material like marble or a natural stone and using that throughout the space to create a feeling of calm blended with elegance.
  • But sometimes, too stark might affect the tranquility of this area. To counter this, try a color hit by incorporating touches of a warm hue to add visual interest. For instance, you can add a vivid dash of color to a particular area of your wet room, like your shower area, or have a vanity that’s hung on the wall done up in a vibrant shade such as a shock of salmon pink or a splash of dramatic black, to create a focal point.
  • Make the most of the space and add spa-like, multi-sensory features such as towel warmers, two-way mirrors, aromatherapy dispensers, chromotherapy lights, and even a massage table if it catches your fancy.
  • You can add a twist and opt for a glass enclosure, which can house your toilet, vanities, and dressing area that remains completely dry. And, if needed, it can be opened up to create an extension of the space. If you opt for barely visible floor-to-ceiling glass partitions, you can trick the eye into believing there’s no division.
  • To bring the outdoors in, add quirky tweaks like accents that mimic nature, such as smooth pebbles rather than just perfectly tiled floors or even faucets and showers that replicate the sound of a rainforest or waterfall.
  • Installing underfloor heating can help dry the large amounts of water that gets sprayed onto the floor, leaving you feeling cozy and dry at all times.
  • Floor tiles must be picked carefully to ensure they do not cause you to slip or slide. But this doesn’t mean they need to be boring. Look for unique mosaics or textured stone options that look as stunning as they are safe.
  • Ensuring that your lighting can withstand heat and moisture and that the fittings are installed in a safe space and height is essential. If you want to add a unique aspect, look at the possibility of adding a beam-lined skylight above your freestanding tub or shower area. Even a full-height window that looks out at the greenery or view will make a real statement if you have the privacy to do this.
  • If you opt for a tub over a shower, use a super-sleek, ceramic freestanding one that adds sophistication to the space. Complement this with a wall-mounted, high-tech WC, and you can achieve a fresh, modern look that is both restrained and stylish at the same time.
  • The trick to designing this area is to keep as much furniture off the ground as possible to prevent water from pooling beneath it. Install innovative floating shelves and cabinetry that offer ample storage while enhancing the look of this area.

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Whether your wet room is a full-scale renovation project or it already exists and needs just a few tweaks to make it come alive, you need the right team of experts on hand to bring your vision to life. While wet rooms give you the added advantage of lots of space, creating and designing this area becomes much easier with professional help. For one, this room must handle every surface getting wet, affecting decisions from how your furniture hangs on the wall to how the floors slope towards a drain to ensure fast evaporation. In addition, adequate ventilation to prevent mold becomes crucial. Consider that you must waterproof the entire area before installing your tiles, making experience and skill essential for this job. At Owings Brothers, we have the expertise to create the perfect wet room and the aesthetic sense to make it look fabulous. Contact us today to see how we can incorporate this super-stylish, open-plan bathroom trend into your home.