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Luxury Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Jan 17, 2020 | Interior Remodeling, Kitchen

white and gray kitchen with double island

Luxury Home Kitchen Designs

When thinking of a luxury kitchen, several words may come to mind.  Magnificent.  Extravagant.  Refined.  And as in most homes, the kitchen takes center stage.  It is the area to cook, converse, eat and socialize with friends and family.  As a matter of fact, the kitchen space is so highly utilized, that by the time a woman is 66 years old, she has spent an average of 1,742,864 minutes (3.314 years) in a kitchen, while a man who is 62.7 years old has spent an average of 616,037 minutes (1.171 years) in a kitchen.  With all of that time being spent in the kitchen, why not craft a luxury kitchen for your home?  It can be creative and fun!  Just ask the team at Owings Brothers.

The professional Owings Brothers design team will work with you to decide on what types of luxury kitchen ideas will best suit your home and lifestyle.  Walking with you through every step of the luxury kitchen design process, Owings Brothers has the insight, experience and know-how to take your kitchen from average to luxurious, whether designing new or remodeling.

Luxury Kitchen Renovations

  • Kitchen lighting and flooring. Kitchens with great lighting can set the mood and make your space inviting.  Often suggested for the luxury kitchen are lighting options that include pendant lights, cabinet lights for inside and under the cabinets, and even small ceiling chandeliers.  And don’t forget about the ground you stand on.  Considerations when choosing your luxury kitchen flooring include how much time you spend standing in the kitchen and if you have pets.  According to experts, some of the best flooring choices for a luxury kitchen to consider are hardwood, stone, tile, wood laminate and concrete.
  • Kitchen counter tops and cabinets. Kitchen counter tops are often considered to be the focal point of the entire luxury kitchen.  Owings Brothers design team suggests using marble, wood, granite or quartz for your counter tops.  Elegant and easy to maintain, your counter top should be large enough to be practical, yet not so large that it envelops the space.  To perfectly accent the counter tops, Owings Brothers suggests choosing cabinets based on whether you want custom, semi-custom or stock cabinets.  Since kitchen cabinets generally consume 50% of the typical budget, the professional design team at Owings Brothers will take the time to show and explain to you the differences in style and function, while helping you choose the perfect cabinets for your new luxury kitchen.
  • Sinks, faucets and backsplash. Sinks and faucets can complement the entire look and feel of your luxury kitchen, so choose carefully.  Sink choices include under-mount, drop-in and apron (farm) sinks.  Depending on if your luxury kitchen is rustic, classic, contemporary some of the more popular choices for faucets are chrome, oil rubbed bronze, polished and brushed nickel. And how about adding some great color, texture, or sparkle to your kitchen while protecting the wall behind the counter top?  The backsplash of a luxury kitchen can add charm and reflect your personality.   The design team of Owings Brothers will show you all of your backsplash options and help you narrow it down to what you most prefer.

When remodeling or designing a luxury kitchen, it is important to include all areas of the room, from the floor to the ceiling- and all that great space in between.  The design team at Owings Brothers recommends visiting the Owings Brothers design gallery to best visualize the creativity and variety of luxury kitchen designs that are offered.

Owings Brothers Contracting has been building in Maryland for over 35 years. Our services include: interiors; additions and exteriors; whole house remodeling; custom built homes and architectural services.  Our additional services include: handyman services, window treatments and plumbing and electrical. Owings Brothers’ new Design Studio in Sykesville, Maryland offers customers, designers, and architects the opportunity to experience upscale, elegant and affordable kitchen and bath products in a real-life setting.  We look forward to helping you build your future!

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