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Rebuilding Together Howard County

Jun 11, 2016 | Articles, Howard County

rebuild together how co 2016edited

Owings Home Services has joined with Rebuilding Together Howard County for the second year.  This program includes a group of committed Howard County Residents and businesses joined together to mobilize volunteers and provide free home repairs to low-income families in Howard County.   This year the house was for an engaged single parent whose only bathroom was in disrepair with moldy tile and grout, the floor was coming up and the wall damaged.  Her kitchen counter and window screens were broken and not as secure as they should be with a four year old child living in the home.

We changed out some electrical receptacles to make them safer, after rescreening the windows and securing the kitchen counter top.  While working in the kitchen we noticed the gas range wasn’t working, so approval was granted to exchange it with a new gas range.

The bulk of the work to be done was in the only bathroom, which was very small.  We had an interesting time with five grown men bumping and interfering with each other (as well as  having fun) while we remodeled and cleaned up for eight hours.  The walls and ceiling were patched and painted.  The tile tub enclosure was encapsulated with new sheet vinyl surrounds and the floor was removed, patched and relayed with vinyl.




After all was cleaned up and turned over to the single mom, not only did a tear form in our eyes, but mother and daughter were ever so grateful.  We believe this to be the real product of Howard County’s  Rebuilding Together – helping others less fortunate and enjoying it!

Great Job Owings Home Services Team!