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Safer Home Fixtures: Touchless Technology

May 26, 2020 | Owings Mechanical

hands-free kitchen faucet

We know caring for your family is of the utmost importance.  Safer home fixtures for your bath and kitchen can offer that little extra help.  In a world, with invisible enemies like the Coronavirus, we need as many safeguards as is practical in our home.  New and improved home fixtures include touchless technology.

Touchless Toilets

Toilets in general are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.  Washing hands after using these fixtures is drummed into us from a very early age.  We can further keep germs at bay with a new breed touchless toilet of commode: touchless toilets.  This is a cleaner and more modern way to automatically flush the toilet.  Just wave your hand over the sensor and voila! You will have no need to touch the flush lever.

In many commercial bathrooms the commodes have sensors that provide the user automatic flushing.  Some have foot pedals that can initiate the flush.  Toilets have changed little since their invention though many other fixtures and appliances in the home have been updated with new and improved technology.  Now this new technology for toilets are available in the home and a great option for those that want to provide a cleaner and safer home environment.

Touchless Faucets

The Bathroom

Using touchless technology for the bathroom sink is a great way to keep an often-used space safer and more hygienic.  Other benefits can include programming the water temperature and saving water.

The eco-friendly and economical benefit for touchless faucets is related to the sensor.  These faucets are motion-activated and water will only flow if hands are waved directly in front of the sensor.  No more dripping or running faucet.  If your child turns on the water by activating the sensor as soon as they move their hands the water shuts off.  This saves the planet and your pocketbook.

Your bathroom vanity is kept cleaner with a touchless faucet.  No more soapy hands touching the faucet controls and the elimination of controls gives a sleek and contemporary look.  With this in mind most standard sinks come with two or three pre-bored holes but the touchless faucet only needs one hole for the faucet.  Make sure your sink can hold the new faucet or consider purchasing a new sink basin.

The Kitchen

The kitchen sink faucet is one of the fixtures touched most often in any household.  This room in the home can be very chaotic and messy which makes incorporating touchless design convenient.  A touchless kitchen faucet enables anyone working to use both hands carrying dirty dishes or holding a large pot.  By placing the dishes or pot in the sink the sensor on the touchless faucet starts water flow. hands-free kitchen faucet

One of the best reasons for a handsfree faucet in the kitchen is the reduction of grease and food on the fixtures as you are preparing a meal.  Hands coated in any ingredient need not touch anything, just wave your hands in front of the sensor and the water can wash away all the mess without touching anything!  This is particularly helpful in keeping germs and bacteria to a minimum.  Working with raw meat or fish can allow for harmful bacteria to be transmitted to any surface.  With your touchless faucet this fixture can be free of contamination.

As with the touchless technology in the bathroom faucet the kitchen faucet will not be left running or dripping.  If you are filling a pot full of water that requires both hands you can lift the pot out of the sink and walk away.  The touchless faucet will automatically turn off.

Make your home safer and smarter with touchless technology in the bathroom and kitchen.  Contact Owings Mechanical for more information on updating your home and keep your family safer.