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Two Story Garage Ideas

Sep 10, 2018 | Garage Addition

Garage Addition Good Investment

Several things when building a garage impact the cost of your investment such as; size, attached or detached, single or double car, the location of the present driveway and whether it will be a one or two story garage addition.  These decisions will affect your building costs and should be carefully considered as you plan your budget.  Another very important consideration is zoning laws for your neighborhood. They will restrict what and how you can build on your property in relation to property lines.  The most updated Cost vs. Value Report below was created in 2015 for Garage Additions without a second floor and stats for 2018 will be different.  This report reveals the investment comparison over the years from 2007 to 2015 and the estimated value at resale. The information is based on region and whether the addition is upscale (finished interior) or midrange(unfinished interior) in value and without a second floor.  A good research tool for homeowners because it aids in setting a reasonable budget for your addition and estimates the recoup of your investment when you sell.  Remember to consider the number of years you plan to stay in the home as this will also factor into the decision whether a garage addition is the best investment for you.

The good news is the 2018 American Housing Survey report revealed that 65% of homes in the USA included two car garages.  This represents a healthy portion of the American populace interested in having a garage as part of their home buying/building preferences and supports building a garage onto your present home as a favorable investment.

Two Story Garage Considerations

As we mentioned previously there are many considerations when planning your garage addition.  One major decision is whether it makes sense for you to build a two-story garage structure or a single story.  When building a garage addition the foundation is already set for the size of your garage so to add a second story can be cost-effective.  In most cases, the foundation would be approximately 20 x 24 feet for a two car garage allowing space for vehicle doors to open with room to move around them.  Should you desire to add storage or a workbench to your garage then an additional  6-8′ feet should be considered.

By adding the second story you can create additional living space without increasing the footprint of the garage and could be a great investment as an apartment for rent.  This second story could also become a home office or studio for the artist in the family.  Many homeowners who plan to build a two-story garage choose an attached structure and access the second story as a bonus room for the teens or a master suite off the upstairs hallway.  The cost for an attached garage is usually lower because one wall is already constructed.  Whatever your needs a two-story attached garage addition is a practical way to add living space to your home or an additional income generator as an apartment.

Garage Plans

Another important thought when planning your garage addition is considering your present driveway.  Should your home already have a carport it is likely that your driveway is sufficient for the addition you are planning.  If you do not have a carport or a driveway then the width of the driveway entering a two car garage should be approximately 20-24 feet.  The size of the driveway is also impacted by the location of the garage doors.  When the doors are facing the street a shorter driveway can be created to access the garage.  That said an attached garage with doors that open to the side and windows in the front can have great curb appeal, but the driveway cost can be greater.  If your garage doors must face front consider using (2) one-car doors and blend the roof overhang to your house’s roof for continuity.  See some examples of work below Owings Brothers Contracting has completed and please call us if you should have any questions 410.781.7022.

Two Story Garage Before & After

Historic Ellicott City homeowner adds some extra square footage to his property with a new detached three-car garage and art studio. This two level, stand alone garage sits perfectly on his property and the building matches the primary residence, making it look as if it has always been there.

image image
image image

This was a large scale remodel which required solving several design changes desired by the homeowner.   We started with a new three-car garage, which required reorienting the driveway, including a bonus space above the garage for a home office.

The house was a classic 1960’s rancher on a large lot an ideal condition for expansion both upwards and out. The overall architectural approach was to add a large addition to the road side of the structure which was able to accommodate a garage and bonus room.

image image
image image

Due to the style of this home, the solutions would have to be on a large scale.  This would start with a new three car garage including reorienting the driveway.  The homeowners added a bonus space above the garage for a children’s recreational area.

What a difference! Dilapidated barn to beautiful garage and basketball court.  This family was able to turn this structure into a new three car garage with a basketball/tennis court for the family to enjoy.

image image
image image

These homeowners near Annapolis decided to remodel by adding a three-story home addition to their waterfront home.  The addition included a new two-car garage, kitchen, dining room, master bath, and bedroom.

This whole house remodel included a new two car garage with exterior elements as this covered walkway connecting it to the existing house.

image image
image image

The property of this home offered no space to the rear or little if any room to expand to the left or right of the house, the only solution was to construct their desired garage as a detached structure to the front of the house.  This required redesigning a new driveway to the left side of the property so that it would flow well the garage’s orientation.

This family was looking to stay in the same neighborhood in Howard County but add an additional two car garage with second story bonus room to the present one. This remodel gave the homeowner plenty of room to store their collection of vehicles.

image image