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Baltimore County Master Suite Addition

Retreat for the Master of the Home

This home was originally built as a tract home located in a highly desirable area. The homeowner always felt that the home was missing one important aspect and that was a master suite retreat space. Now with an active growing family, they felt that it was time to integrate a master suite addition tastefully into their existing home.

Due to the sensitivity of their lot, as well as, a spectacular view from the rear of their home, it was decided to integrate the master suite to the rear to incorporate the floor plan as well as the views. The exterior was to match existing elements to fit and flow with the existing structure, so as not to appear as an addition. The homeowner did not want to over-invest in creating new exterior interest but wanted to focus on the interior space. The interior circulation worked well with the hallway concept and created aesthetically pleasing details in the bedroom and sitting.

One very important element was the walk-in closet for efficient storage of their clothing and such.  This closet allows plenty of room for both the husband and wife and the beautiful solid wood double doors close to hide the space.  This allows for a very uncluttered, orderly restful space for the couple to retreat after a long day at the office and with the children.  Closets and Storage by Owings can create a custom closet that fits your specific needs.  For more information on our custom closet systems go here.