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Electric Car Charging Station

Jun 18, 2019 | Owings Mechanical

electric car charging station

Energy Efficient Travel

Perhaps you are considering purchasing an electric car and need additional information regarding charging of the car.  We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding electric car charging stations to help with making an informed decision.  Smart Cars or electric cars are the way of the future.  These energy efficient vehicles can be cost effective as well as “green” in operation.  If you choose this mode of transportation you will need to also consider installing an electric car charging station.  Most dealerships offer this product for homeowners to install at their home, but you will need a licensed electrician to install wiring for the station.  If you have questions not addressed here please give us a call and Owings Mechanicals master electrician will help you.

electric car charging station

Q & A for Electric Car Charging Stations


Q.   Will my house require additional wiring?

A.   Yes.  If you choose a Level 2 charging station it requires a dedicated 240-volt circuit.

Q.   What is a Level 2 charging station?

A.    A charging station using a 220 volt/15-110 amp electrical circuit and is usually hard-wired.

Q.   What is a Level 1 charging station?

A.    A Level 1 charging station uses a 120 volt / 15 amp circuit.  The Level 1 plugs directly into a standard home outlet. Most PEVs from major car manufacturers will have a Level 1 Charger included with the car.  

Q.    Does the battery have to be drained to zero periodically?

A.    No.   The Lithium-ion battery has no “memory effect” this means it never has to be drained or never have to be fully charged.  The life of the battery is unaffected.  Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight and quick to charge and have a long service life.

Q.   How long will it take to charge my electric vehicle?

A.    The charging times differ based on the amperage of the electric car charging station system and the size of the battery.  Generally, you will get 25 miles per hour of charging time when you use a Level 2 charging station or 240-volt outlet.  Most car batteries can be fully recharged with a Level 2 charging station in as little as 2-3 hours whereas a Level 1 station may take 15 or more hours.

Q.    Does it matter when I plug-in to charge?

A.    Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that you plug in every time you are parked.  Check with your utility company to see if it is more effective to charge during off-peak hours to save electricity cost.

For more information please contact Owings Mechanical to speak to our experienced professionals regarding your particular questions.  We would be glad to help.  Owings Mechanical offers electrical and plumbing services.  For more information on the many services, we provide go here.